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    Selling My 1 Watt 638nm Red Laser & 1.25 Watt 445nm Rifle

    it is amazing, just like a real rifle
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    3-element glass lens vs normal aixiz lens 630-660nm

    sometimes it has the difference on aberrations. the 3 elements is supposed to be better.
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    638nm Divergence question

    that would be great, when the tech develped, we will definately track it.
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    808nm 1.1W laser pointer - one question

    i only know that divergence of one axis of diode could be really small,perhaps less than 50cm diameter at 100m far. but the other will be much bigger.it depends on the lens u use.
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    5000mw green laser? Is this site for real?

    It is a Ferrari model and the laser torch is a 500mW one but mistakingly add an extra 0 to the power 500.
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    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    very good , it is useful . it seems that i had hurt my eyes a lot, though i have a great laser make by good manufactory.
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    MUST Read *BEFORE* You Can Post in the Buy/Sell/Trade Board

    Re: MUST Read BEFORE You Can Post in the Buy/Sell/Trade Board It is a good idea, i dont know that before,i agree,