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    Any 445 accidents yet?

    Not gonna lie, I gave myself 10 or so floaters by looking at the dot on a white wall for a few seconds. All these people saying dot viewing is safe are wrong... I've been to the doctor and theres no retinal damage. But I'm honestly not sure which is worse, as retinal damage you just...
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    Henry Rollins

    Re: Artic s3 g1 model unopened This is my last post in this thread as some asshat mod thought it would be funny to rename the title so It wont even sell. I said some arctics are rectangular, some are circular, Some change. this has been documented. None are perfect circles at long range, but...
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    Henry Rollins

    Re: Artic s3 g1 model unopened Try and do your research, there are many posts and videos with proof this does maintain a circle. Sometimes it is also a rectangle (Or always if you get unlucky) YouTube - Green And Blue LASER BeamWalking.mov heres a video from a different thread.
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    Duration of afterimages?

    Just thought I'd update you guys. I did suffer some damage but they are floaters, not stationary spots. Random onset of floaters can be an early sign of more serious complications, but 99.9% they are not (Actual statistics I found.. these are for old age related floaters, cant find info on laser...
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    Henry Rollins

    Re: Artic s3 g1 model unopened Apparently someone doesn't know that the "<" sign means. Neither wicked nor I claimed it was going to be 1.25w, they claimed <1.25w. I am asking to use a middle man, if you need a test just ask. But dont be unreasonable and expect it to be 1.25w on the dot...
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    Henry Rollins

    Re: Artic s3 g1 model unopened Not really, if you had gotten one you would know wicked claims its power is <1.25w on the packaging and sticker. btw it sold, I'm still selling the used one. And I was selling this for only 6$ more than wickeds price. if you ordered a month ago for 200...
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    Duration of afterimages?

    You cant blind yourself looking at a diffused reflection, but I understood it can cause damage. The damage is extremely minimal and does not impact my life at all. I have to be actively looking for it in most cases, and from what I understand this sort of damage you adapt to and never notice it...
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    Duration of afterimages?

    I care about safety but I also am willing to take risks to enjoy something more. I'm not asking for advice. I know the risks I took. I also joined before the arctics and before the 445s planning to do a DIY 405nm. You could say a lot of people don't care about safety, like motorcycle riders...
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    Duration of afterimages?

    Im just asking in general, not for 1 watt or 445nm. and yeah I appreciate the concern for new members safety. I'll agree that I don't think the point about walls and such has been driven home enough. Everyone knows to watch out for reflective surfaces but a wall seems safe to most people. I'm...
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    Duration of afterimages?

    I understand the need for goggles, but there is a balance. If you buy a 1 watt laser and never view it except with goggles, what is the point of having a 1 watt laser since it only looks like 30 mw? I use my goggles untill I determine its at a safe spot, then I take them off for a few seconds to...
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    Duration of afterimages?

    I'm curious what the maximum duration of afterimages from looking at the dot of a laser are, whats the maximum you have experienced? I have had spots in my vision (No reflections, so i didnt hit my eye) today, but they gradually get less and less noticeable after exposure. I probably wont use...
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    Henry Rollins

    Edit: Only opened model left, asking 275 shipped. Has been used less than 10 minutes. Seems to maintain a circle most of the time, though I have spotted the infamous rectangle at times. I have not been able to check its spread at distance but it does seem to have some. I'll be including the...
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    1 watt 447nm Laser Pointers from Dragonlasers Now Available

    You can say cni has better quality all you want, but if these dont have fac then wicked is better, we can clearly see from their un-collaminated facebook pages that they have corrected the fast axis in to a near perfect square, which when collaminated should give pretty much as perfect of a beam...
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    Who would like to see a CNI 447 Group buy?

    Just any idea of what this will cost is what people want to know, I have come to expect absurd prices from cni, I think a lot of people are looking for a wicked alternative at this point though. Cni has a good reputation and build quality, but arctic will likely be cheaper and has a better host...
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    Who would like to see a CNI 447 Group buy?

    I think you would get more interest if you gave people an idea of the pricing, a lot of people would be interested at 200-500 price range, but if this is 1,000$+ I cant see many people wanting it.
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    POLL: BAN high power laser sales to the general public?

    this whole thread seems like a giant troll with vote options of either "Yes ban them" or "Im an idiot who thinks they shouldnt be banned" And when people express valid reasoning you basically tell em to stfu and get out. Seriously asking laser enthusiasts to try and get their hobby banned...
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    can you burn mosquitos in flight ?

    When I first got my 200mw red o-like I was having an ant problem, so I focused it on one.. thing made crisply poppy noises and produced a cloud of smoke.. and obviously died. hard part is making em stand still. With 1w bugs would be no match =p
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    Wicked Lasers GIANT price drops!?

    I just ordered some, I'll keep yah updated. I dunno about now, but I got a torch shipped out within a few days of ordering 2 weeks ago. but now its really close to arctic ship time so it may not hold true anymore. I ordered a 405 and red 200mw.. i'll wait for those fabled direct green 1w sony...
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    Sickening... we need someone to take action

    I don't see HOW customs could confiscate this, it has been accepted by the fda and has an accession number.. Unless wicked lasers lied when they JUST put the fda badge on the page yesterday? Wicked doesn't even sell their lasers without the required safety features to us citizens. go look at...
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    Is this possible? (~100w spotlight white laser)

    I haven't received it yet, but will get it tested. they can be pushed to 1,100 mw and still last a few months, its from a forum member. but lets not derail thread too much =p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjsk20zfjeY His has been going several months according to comments.