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    Envee/Alpha-Equivalent 140 average @ $200

    This was bought from lazerhigh, who purchased it in january this year. I have to let it go as I need to cough up some cash for my university applications. It comes with a nice hard protective case, with an thick layer of foam lining the inside. It peaks at at least 145mw, according to my...
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    Most powerful Diode

    Assuming budget is not an issue, and not considering labbies, which is the most powerful red diode (635/650/660/670nm) that is commercially available?
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    hey guys i need some help here. i told my friend about the damaging effects of ir in >50mw dealextreme lasers due to their inadequate ir filter and this is his reply, which really stumped me. would need some help to explain how ir damages our eyes :) Heat is IR and you are exposed all the time...
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    laserglow holiday bundle

    hey guys if anyone of you are buying from laserglow's holiday bundle one, and you're looking to sell of the aries 125 and a few of the green pointers, i would like to buy it off you. any offers? :)
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    hey guys i'm pretty interested in this laser. any advice before i purchase it? i asked the seller and he said that there would be no problems with ir emissions as he said that an ir filter was mandatory according to regulations...
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    nova lasers

    may i ask what's the difference between an x85 and and alpha 85 other than the recommended usage cycle? thanks!