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    360 degree dot pattern projector - Help?

    I am trying to cover an entire room with IR points from a central projector, something along the lines of this: This is for a computer vision project I am working on, using realtime feature tracking to figure out the orientation and position of a camera. Using natural features is lighting...
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    For sale: 200 Watt RGB Laser

    Not mine, actually, but I found it on eBay, and would love for someone with the skills to use it to buy it and document the internals. Mitsubishi LaserVue L65-A90 65-inch -Non-Functional | eBay I know, I know, probably not a 200 watt laser in there, the total power consumption of the TV is 200...
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    Late intro, but better late than never!

    I signed up here a while ago, but have mostly been a lurker. College has started back up, though, which means it is time to procrastinate! Should be posting more. :) A little about me: I am the owner of the second largest game console modification forum on the internet, ModRetro...
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    Wante to buy: Violet Diodes and driver.

    I am new here, and though I am catching up on the native lingo pretty fast, I am still probably better off listening to the opinion of those who know better than me. :) I have a few hosts, as well as a few AxiZ modules. So at this point, all I really need is some Violet diodes with power in...
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    10 Pin Laser Diode, salvaged from a DVD burner.

    I can post pics if needed, but I figured I would save myself the trouble if somebody knew off the bat. I salvaged two diodes from a DVD burner, and they are not the round diodes I expects, but more oval shaped (Almost like a short crystal oscillator). They have two 5 pin rows, for a total of...