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    JetLasers PLE-Pro 520nm 70mw Green Laser

    I received my JetLasers PLE-Pro 520nm 70mw laser this morning. After a slight delay due to Chinese labor holliday, the unit shipped and arrived quickly. The cardboard box was wrapped and taped tightly in bubble-wrap. Here's what was inside the box: Each component was individually wrapped in...
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    New guy - From US east coast

    Hi all. Made a few posts already, but it was gently suggested that I introduce myself here for good manners, so here we are. :) My name is Kelly, I'm a 44 year old IT guy living in Virginia, USA. I've always been fascinated by lasers and had no idea that the handheld market had gotten so...
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    Assassin Lasers

    I ordered their Arctic Blue laser just to goof around with. It showed up yesterday and after charging the battery for 6 or so hours, I put it in the laser and nothing happened. Contacted them on facebook and got a fairly quick response....I was impressed. Anyway, on their guidance I let the...
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    JetLasers - Stand up company or no?

    Hi all, first post here. I invested in a JetLasers PLE-Pro 520nm 70mw green laser in April. Paid via Paypal and I got a shipment notification that an order would be arriving today, signature required. So I took a day from work and stayed home. FedEx just got here and it was only the 3x...