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    Supersonic ping pong ball

    Happy Friday everyone ! I know some of you know what I'm up to. I want to make a ping pong ball go so fast it melts when it hits air. ----------- For those that don't : In 2013 a paper was published by Purdue university about making a ping pong ball go faster than sound. This paper : (see PDF)...
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    Scientific American/Amateur Scientist Laser book.

    I've seen a sig or two here with mention of this book. I'd love to hear stories about projects from this book......I made more than a couple of these. Reprints available? I loved mine, it was a sad day when I lost it.
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    Optical window assemblies

    I am working on a project where I need to 'pop' a mylar burst disk inside a pressure tank. One of the methods I came up with to do this, is to use a laser. However, to do this, I need an optical window assembly I can screw into a tank : basically, a stainless steel fitting with say a 1/4" NPT...
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    Hello and thank you !

    I am really happy to have found this site !! After reading some 'welcome' threads, and a couple random laser threads you have already answered every question I had, (and saved me 200$ ). Thanks ! ------ I'm a little shocked I've never ran across this site before, I was searching some esoteric...