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    Alien Life

    agree with @wolfram
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    any "serious" way to focus multiple beams to one?

    Never assumed that! great to know!
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    Windows 11

    still using windows 10 and I will update it When getting some trust in windows 11 :geek: ;)
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    LEP or LED

    Still, I'm confused about which one should be best for me!! I'm a hiker person and I always like to carry a small LED flashlight on my EDC. For the backpack, I need a new flashlight and I'm confused about this new LEP technology. Is it right to carry LEP flashlight? I mean as per their con's...
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    Are lasers illegal in the US?

    Yes, That's because if they don't meet the manufacturing and marketing standard
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    Hello, new to lasers

    Hello, welcome
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    A kid point a green laser in my eye

    Yes, because our eyes are very sensitive to laser radiation, it might cause visual loss
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    Single multi-color 3mm or 5mm LED battery status indicator?

    I just checked for this and it seems worthy, without wasting time we can easily identify the status
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    How laser headlights work.

    An eye-catching article, I also agree with you. The headlight needs some standard replacement.
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    Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

    I didn't mean that but I just read first thread about the eye safety and posted my opinion.
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    Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

    Its great collection, Very useful !
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    Acronyms for the Forum

    Will we print book on it ?? Just kidding :)
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    The batteries' struggle

    All are rechargeable, right ?
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    Learn From Mistakes That Can Happen To Anybody...

    great to know all experiences are very adoptable !!
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    Harbor Freight Tactical light.

    If you finding something seriously then don't go with cheap. I means you can drop the AAA battery, Its not working longer as you a wish. For the best tactical flashlight check the all reviews before get struggled.
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    Hello everyone ! I'm new here..