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    anyone wanna sell lpc-815 red laser diode ?

    I am looking to buy couple of lpc-815 red laser diodes. anyone wanna sell them? I just want the bare diodes for a project. Thanks !
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    affordable safety goggles for 650nm/200mw+ red laser diode

    Can anyone recommend where i can buy affordable but decently made safety goggles for LPC-815 red laser diode? Thanks !!
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    20amp 2.0v driver for 808nm diode bar - help !!

    I just bought a 808nm laser diode bar from Coherent. Looks like this diode bar has a lasing threshold of 9amps and max of 20amps. I have been searching the net for a DIY driver circuit to test this diode out, but am unable to find it. I think i can quickly rig up a test circuit with a 3.7v...