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  1. Lagomorpha

    450nm Gatling laser large spot when unfocused smaller dot when focused a bit

    Hey all. I just received a 450nm Gatling laser on Saturday and at first the dot was small, as it should be and now it's larger and gets smaller when i adjust the focus. I dropped it from a couple feet and I am wondering if that may be part of it. Landed on the rug so it wasn't a super hard...
  2. Lagomorpha

    LPS Shipping and tracking questions.

    Hi all! I have a few questions regarding the LPS shipping and tracking. It says it ships from Ontario, China and Jersey(and more, but these are the ones relevant to my location). I figured mine would either ship from Jersey or China, but is there a chance that Ontario is the Ontario California...
  3. Lagomorpha

    What is wrong with this lens?

    Just started happening today. I don't know if it's acrylic or glass.
  4. Lagomorpha

    Efest 850mah 16340s

    Are these any good. I ordered a pair off the site I used to order my vape batteries on before I quit. They usually don't sell had quality batteries, but I wanted to make sure these are okay. I got them pretty cheap. My apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  5. Lagomorpha

    How to remove stuck star cap.

    I don't know if it's striped or what. It worked earlier, and now the cap is stuck on my Thor H series(or knock off) I didn't over screw it and I don't think I cross-threaded? Any help or suggestions? Edit: finally got it removed.
  6. Lagomorpha

    Blue Laser 301 doesn't focus as far as green

    Hi. I have a couple green 301s and a couple blue ones. I noticed that neither of the Blue ones have a focus that screws out more than a tiny bit and my greens adjust really far out. Is this something that happens with all blue ones or just the ones that I have gotten? I have one more...
  7. Lagomorpha

    Chinese laser pointer question.

    Hello all. Noob question here! I have a few questions about a laser pointer I ordered. It looks to me like the Thor H series, but I am not quite sure what it is. I ordered the green because I am a broke ass and the blue was more expensive, although I'd prefer a blue one. I noticed also that...
  8. Lagomorpha

    Hello all! New to laser pointers

    Hi! This is my first post, so I figured I'd put it in the "welcome" section. I just got into laser pointers recently and I am having Oh so much fun with them. I have a few 301s, a 303, a "military green laser" from Wish and I have another coming pretty soon. I am not sure about the quality of...