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    Duration of afterimages?

    I'm curious what the maximum duration of afterimages from looking at the dot of a laser are, whats the maximum you have experienced? I have had spots in my vision (No reflections, so i didnt hit my eye) today, but they gradually get less and less noticeable after exposure. I probably wont use...
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    Henry Rollins

    Edit: Only opened model left, asking 275 shipped. Has been used less than 10 minutes. Seems to maintain a circle most of the time, though I have spotted the infamous rectangle at times. I have not been able to check its spread at distance but it does seem to have some. I'll be including the...
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    Trading WL arctic for high powered green.

    I know these havent shipped out yet, so obviously I do not have one in hand. I can ship one to your address in exchange for a green, or I can trade once I have it, your choice im not in a rush. Thing is I have a lot of WL store credit, and want a high powered green, but all WL high powered...
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    Let me start off by saying I'm new to this forum, and haven't done a first build yet (Still researching and gathering the parts, I'm doing a 1 watt ir and phr build first most likely) I work in the pc field as a technician and whats been baffling me the most with the home-brew lasers is the...