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    FS:DL95 with a ton of extra's

    70 shipped to singapore
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    WTB: Any portable green laser. (Not over 300AUD)

    Re: WTB: Any portable green laser. (Not over 300AU haha i wouldn't know how to get the module outta my envee that fresh was interested in. :-?
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    Buying <100mW lasers Red or Green

    Hi i'm selling off my envee/alpha. you might wanna take a look at it here. http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1216014036
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    Envee/Alpha-Equivalent 140 average @ $200

    all pms replied!
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    Envee/Alpha-Equivalent 140 average @ $200

    sorry guys, i've only just booked out at 1230am in the morning after a tough week of training. thanks for all the comments vouching for me. i will go about replying the pms now. thanks!
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    Envee/Alpha-Equivalent 140 average @ $200

    yes it is. you can contact me lhn_freak@hotmail.com
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    Envee/Alpha-Equivalent 140 average @ $200

    This was bought from lazerhigh, who purchased it in january this year. I have to let it go as I need to cough up some cash for my university applications. It comes with a nice hard protective case, with an thick layer of foam lining the inside. It peaks at at least 145mw, according to my...
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    FS: True DX100mW Greenie

    i'm pretty interested. do drop me a pm. i live in singapore :)
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    need a box style Bluray for a friend...

    i have milo's 17 mw unit. do you want one?
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    can u help me?

    haha you can msn me :) lhn_freak@hotmail.com
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    can u help me?

    hi i'm from singapore too and i have a few home made ones i bought from the members here. maybe i could hook you up with one of mine. btw, there are some lasers on ebay.com.sg which are on sale but they suck. i've first hand experience.
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    Wanted: IR filters for green lasers

    Hey murrat, i've received it. The IR filters are great! Thank you! :D :D Check your rep points!
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    Wanted: IR filters for green lasers

    alrighty!! I'm waiting :D
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    FS Alpha 125 and optics

    hey what do you reckon the duty cycle should be?
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    Wanted: IR filters for green lasers

    Murrat, how much ir does your filter block and how much green does it pass?
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    my DX200 is for sale, basically brand new

    yea, why don't you send it to drlava. i'm interested if the output is good :D
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    WTB broken lasers

    aren't you 2 the same person? haha :P why not just stick to jake21 ?
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    BLU-RAY 405nm on eBay !!!  AGAIN !! Read !

    Re: Blu-ray 405nm on eBay !!!  don't miss !! read seems like you got a huge bid!
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    100 watt laser for under 2000$

    what does yag stand for?