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  1. Tymtravler

    Been gone awhile

    Been gone awhile and I need to catch up on the latest BR technology. Two quick questions-What is now the most powerful BR that can fit in and axis tube for burning using a flex drive setup and can I get it already asssembled. Thanks
  2. Tymtravler

    FS: Finned Heat Sink for the Aixiz Module

    Finally I have what I think is the last revision of the heat sink. As I had posted I was only making these for my project, but since I got several PM’s asking if I would sell these I figured I would make a couple more to see if they sell. Thanks to fellow forum members with their very helpful...
  3. Tymtravler

    FEELER: For my new Heat Sink

    It was recommended that I put out a feeler for my new heat sink to sell. Right now it is made of Aluminum, but it was suggested that I make it out of copper. Check out the thread I have all the info on it and let me know. http://laserpointerforums.com/f42/new-experimental-heat-sink-42353.html...
  4. Tymtravler

    WTB-Safty googles

    Anyone have a pair of safety googles FS to handle Blu-rays. Thanks
  5. Tymtravler

    FS-Test Load Kits-Assembled RCKSTR

    I talked to Ryan about assembling and selling his RCKSTR Dummy Load Kit. I built 2 of them and sent them to him for inspection which he approved. I am selling these for $9.00 with free shipping. I guaranty these, so if for any reason you have a problem please contact me and not RCKSTR, I will...
  6. Tymtravler

    Question about TO packages

    :wtf: After checking out several site, many mention a TO package. I ran a search on LPF and it was not listed. Can any one tell me what a TO-18 package is.
  7. Tymtravler

    Glass lens

    Has anyone bought the Aixiz glass lens for the Blu-Ray and if you did what was the power increase? Aixiz glass lens aixiz.com StoreFront :thanks:
  8. Tymtravler

    New Experimental Heat Sink

    Greetings After reading so much about heat sinking the Aixiz module and how important it is to have one, I decided to build a prototype for my project. My project requires a way to mount the laser on a frame and not a host. After reviewing the ones I saw on the forum, I came to the conclusion I...
  9. Tymtravler

    Tech sheet on BRD

    I am looking for the data sheet on the 405nm PHR-803T Blu Ray diode. This data sheet will give me the correct diode diameters on the diode and the pin sizes. I need these exact measurements for my connector project. Thanks Tymtravler
  10. Tymtravler

    I need something

    I am trying to make a quick connect, to attach my driver to my diode. This is an experiment and I want to know if anyone has the ribbon cable from a BR sled that they desoldered from the diode. Usually they are trashed, but if anyone has one hanging around they want to send. PM me and I will...
  11. Tymtravler

    Acronyms for the Forum

    As a Newbie to the forum I was :confused:, I have noticed several acronyms used that I did not know, which caused me to :banghead: and get :drunk:. So I had to search the forum to try to identify these so I could understand what the experts were talking about. I created this thread to possibly...
  12. Tymtravler

    9v iPower lithium polymer battery for BR

    Has anyone used the iPower lithium polymer battery on a BRD? I like this battery for what I read so far, it is rated at 500 mAh, and the “professional” version is rated a 520 mAh. They will actually outperform a 9 volt alkaline battery in high drain applications. However I am asking the forum...
  13. Tymtravler

    I got my diodes from HighTech

    Wow, I just got my diodes from HighTechDealz, great to do business with. Can't wait to get the rckstr drivers from Stonetek so I can start burning. :lasergun:
  14. Tymtravler

    Just a silly question

    I have noticed the banner for CNI lasers, that the ones on the bench show an incredible bright and large beam. Was this picture modified to enhance the beam or is this the real thing. I also noticed Jayrobs lasers with the glass len mod picture also has an incredible bright and large beam. If...
  15. Tymtravler

    I want to BUY good googles!!!

    I have read several suggestions in the google section and have come to the conclusion that googles are a good thing, but I want the right ones for the laser I am working with. I am working with a BRD laser and I want the best protection. So many members on the B/S/T use and sell BRD's and I...
  16. Tymtravler

    DIY Beam Expander

    Just wanted to know, has anyone made a DIY Beam Expander or does anyone on LPF build and sell one. I would like one for my BRD using the Galilean principle in stead of the Keplerian. Galilean, to me would be easier for me to build and the lens are a little cheaper from some sources I have...
  17. Tymtravler

    New to the Forum

    Greetings all, I am new to the forum and have been reading it now for about 2weeks. This is the most informative site on lasers I have ever found. I find that the members all seem to be incredible friendly and supportive to new novice laser builders so I am going to ask a few questions to see...