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  1. nikola tesla


    Hey. I have some questions that I couldn't find answers which were really satisfying . I still dont exactly know how focusing a laser really works. I have a small red diode and a collimator both from a dvd burner. what is the best way to find out how to focus it? I mean yeah i can point it on a...
  2. nikola tesla

    Can it be true? 70W laser diode?

    Hey there, I was inspired by another threat to look for the strongest laser diode I can find that a person can buy on the internet and I found THIS: Osram 70W laserdiode Now I tried to find more information about this but wasnt too sucessful. After reading this pdf I still dont excactly know...
  3. nikola tesla

    video glasses as safety goggles?

    Hey! I was thinking that maybe the best protection for the eyes against all colors of laserlight would probably be some videoglasses hooked up to a camera, because no matter how strong the beam is the lcds of the glasses cant blind you (except maybe for some really crappy glasses) Also this...
  4. nikola tesla

    Camera Lens As Laser Optics?

    Hey Guys I read a threat about using a telescope with a laser and I was wondering if a objective lens of a small sized camera wouldnt be useful for using with a laser? I mean if I manage to control the focus and zoom seperately I could have a pretty handy and even retractable device. Would be...
  5. nikola tesla

    In Eye Projection?

    Hey folks! I thought about this topic for a long time now and want to hear other peoples opinions (and wisdom of course ;)). companies like brother (the air scouter) have made different products that can project pictures right in to your eye. Brother stated that they use laser diodes to project...
  6. nikola tesla

    materials / possibilities of and for lenses?

    Hey there! I want to build a real small laser (as small as possible). As far as my knowledge goes any laserdiode needs a lens to reach its full concentrated power. right now I am using a red laserdiode I harvested from a 16x DVD burner. Now what lenses would be best for using with this little...