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  1. Neobenedict

    UK laser laws - regarding unterminated beams in the sky

    Does anybody have *accurate*, *verifiable* information about the rules/law(s) surrounding laser shows / lasers being pointed in the sky in the UK? I am aware that laser shows require you to submit a document to the CAA per their website...
  2. Neobenedict

    Rainbow dot?

    Then it's not a polarising beamsplitter, but just a beamsplitter cube.
  3. Neobenedict

    Video of 40 Watt 532nm YAG driven LaserScope

    Q switched IR lasers are crazy dangerous, you guys are all insane for wanting one. :P
  4. Neobenedict

    Rainbow dot?

    You won't find a white laser pointer easily, but there are lasers designed for use in show systems that combine RGB to create white.
  5. Neobenedict

    Good cheap projector?

    Rule of thumb for a good projector is $1000 per watt. You want scanners that are capable of 30kpps at 8 degrees at least. I doubt the projector you linked is up to the task, it doesn't even look like it supports ILDA input (which means you can't use it with quickshow), and the scanners will be...
  6. Neobenedict

    Is a PC 450W PSU good for powering drivers?

    I would just buy a standalone switch mode power supply. It is a lot easier, bearing in mind you have to short some pins on PC PSUs to get them to turn on. However, it may be a viable option since you get 5V and 12V rails on a computer PSU.
  7. Neobenedict

    Bench power supply and laser diodes..

    Be sure to disconnect the power supply from the diode before flicking the off switch. Lower the current to 0, unplug, then turn off. Or you will end up with spikes from some power supplies.
  8. Neobenedict

    510nm, 515nm, 520nm VS 532nm

    532 is the one true green, but I prefer 515 for graphics.