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    Wicked Lasers Order

    Long story short i have wanted an Arctic Spyder 3 for about 6 years so i finally saved up and ordered the 3.5 watt model with the expanded lens kit. It was shipped about two weeks ago and on the postnl website it says it has arrived in the destination country (England). How long should it take...
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    Where to buy Diodes in the UK

    I am planning on making my first DIY laser and i have all the parts ready to make the driver but i don't know where to get a laser diode. I was going to get a used DVD burner from ebay but i wondered if there is anywhere else i could get a diode.
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    SciFi repair help - ex SciFi customers only!

    My 635nm Arcane 2.0 laser just randomly stopped working. It isn't the batteries as i have checked them. I haven't reversed polarity. It had been about a month since i had used it but i didn't think that would effect it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to repair it?
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    SF Lasers Equivalent?

    I use to buy my lasers from SF Lasers but as it has closed down i dont know where to buy lasers from. Every where i look is too expensive or not trust worthy. If anyone can tell me a good place to buy cheapish high power lasers that would be great!
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    An Apology for Everyone

    I repsect you as all my orders did arrive in the end. I understand that it is hard to make all the orders when there is only two people working on it. It is a real shame as you were my main source of lasers as every where else cost to much. The only issue i have now if the fact that my Arcane...
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    Sci-Fi lasers the legend of Eithan

    I had many issues with my two orders from him. I did get them in the end but it took alot longer than it should have. And now my Arcane 2.0 laser wont work and the website no longer exists so i can get a refund or replacement.
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    635nm Arcane 2.0 Laser not working.

    UPDATE: I carefully dissasembled the laser and found a loose connection so i repaird it and it now turns on. BUT now the laser is really dim and i dont even need goggles to look at it and it doesnt burn any more. Any ideas on what to do now?. Around a year ago i purchased an Arcane 2.0 laser...
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    Sci-Fi Lasers Arcane 2.0 635nm

    I am going to review the Arcane 2.0 635nm Bright Red laser i got off Sci Fi lasers. (sorry for massive pictures) This is my second order from Sci-Fi Lasers and i was impressed but i had some of the same issues (read below) To start i ordered it on the 6th of November 2015 and after getting...
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    Sci Fi Lasers Review

    on my youtube channel i have some videos on it. https://www.youtube.com/user/pokemon555222
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    Sci Fi Lasers Review

    So about half a year ago i got my first blue laser from SFLasers. It was the 445Nm 2.7Watt Laser. It was amazing! But one day it stopped working. I contacted them and we sorted out a replacement. It took almost 3 months to come as something went wrong but it came and im happy! Customer service...
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    How long dose it take for sflsers to dispatch a laser?

    I ordered a laser from them around a week or more ago and i haven't had a conformation email and i wanted to know how long it takes to be shipped?
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    SFLasers Delivery

    I ordered a laser from sflasers 4 days ago but i haven't had a confirmation email yet. Dose it take time for them to send one as they need to build it or what?
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    ALiExpress Lasers To Good To Be True?

    So im looking for burning lasers for a reasonable price and I stumbled on aliexpress.com. their "10W" lasers go for like $18 and that seems to good to be true so just wondered it they are legit lasers.
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    Lasers with a visible beam?

    im looking for a green laser with a clearly visible beam in dim conditions and at least partly visible beam in light conditions (not direct sunlight) and i just wanted to know what the lowest mw laser is for those specifications. the only reason i ask is because on videos the camera dosnt always...
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    Shops that accept paypal payment

    hi I just wanted to know if ther are any shops out there that sell 200mw-400mw green laser where you can play through paypal. thanks
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    Laser Eye Protection

    Im deciding weather to get a 200mw, 250mw or 400mw and i just wanted to know if i need to get eye protection for any of those.
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    200mw laser with quick delivery to uk.

    i know i have a post like this but ill get to the point. can anyone tell me a good place with quick delivery to the uk that sells 200mw around £40-£50.
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    Delivery from gy3.co.uk

    so about 5-6 days ago i ordered a 200mw green laser from gy3.co.uk. they said that delivery is 2-3 days but nothing. They also said on some days delivery can take up to a up to a week so ill have to see if it comes tomorrow. but anyway have any of you ever ordered from gy3.co.uk before?
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    200mw Green laser in the UK?

    Thanks but the prices are a bit higher then I can afford. Anything £30 or below is what i would be looking for.
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    200mw Green laser in the UK?

    So i had a 1mw green laser from amazon.co.uk but the batteries started to over heat even when i wasnt using it so i changes the batteries and still the same. so i wanted a new laser to replace it but i want a 50mw - 200mw green laser but they are hard to find for a reasonable price in the uk. i...