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    WTB 473nm handheld laser

    Hello! I am looking for a 473 handheld laser. I am mostly looking for a CNI GLP or another pen-style 473nm DPSS laser but I am fine with larger handhelds.
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    WTB 532nm CNI GLP

    I'm looking for a working 532nm CNI GLP pointer
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    New (lower priced) source for 473nm modules?

    it seems like I have found a new source to get 473nm modules for a good price, they are inside DPBL-9010F lab laser. The modules have a diameter of 17mm and they are 60mm in length. They are inside a metal housing that has a photodiode feedback sensor, thermistor and a collimating/expanding lens...
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    WTB lasence 571/575nm laser module

    im looking for a 575/571nm lasence module if anyone has one they want to sell. I don’t really care how much power it outputs as long as it works. thanks!
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    looking for a 593.5nm laser pointer, even if only partially working

    im looking for a 593.5nm laser pointer/handheld, even if only partially working, please dm me you you have one that you want to sell
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    Source for 575nm and 565nm OPTlaser modules

    As you guys might know, OPTlasers 565nm and 575nm lasers have dried up some time ago, if you try to ask for them now from optlaser, they would say they don’t produce them anymore, but I have found a source for them, it’s in these RGBY laser projectors, i bought one some time ago and mine had an...
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    thinking about making/building 523nm DPSS modules

    recently, ive been working on some Pr:YLF modules, im thinking of selling them, would any of you be interested in a 523nm Pr:YLF module? i will be making oranges but i just want to know if any of you would be interested in 523nm modules, the price of the modules will be around $700-800
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    WTB 473nm laser or 593.5nm laser pointer/module, in any condition as long as at lases, even if partially working

    hello, i am interested in buying ANY 593.5nm laser module/pointer or 473nm laser module/pointer. no matter the condition, even if it only slightly works.
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    WTB CNI GLP 589nm 5mw pointer, ANY CONDITION as long as its working, even if it lases a mw or two

    hello, i am interested in buying a CNI GLP 589nm 5mw pointer, no matter the condition, as long as it lases, even if it is very old or lases a mw or two. pls pm me and we can discuss if you want to sell one, thank you in advance
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    498nm line from 575nm lasence module

    Some time ago, I bought a yellow 575nm lasence module. When I received it, I turned it on immediately, when I tested it on my spectrometer, I saw it had two lines, one at 577nm and one at 580nm. I decided to try putting different pieces of dichroic glass over it to see if I can get any ir lines...
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    WTB 589nm or 593.5nm DPSS laser for preferably less than $400 (in any condition as long as it lases 589/593.5)

    well i am looking for a 589/593.5nm laser for preferably less than $400, any condition is fine, even if the host is completely damaged, as long as it lases 589/593.5 (even slightly).
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    588nm yellow 75mw coherent sapphire OPSL laser!

    Hello, This is my new laser. A 588nm yellow coherent sapphire! This laser is a really cool laser, it is very different from your normal 589nm DPSS lasers, this laser uses OPSL technology the same tech that was used in those small green osram lasers l, except this is yellow (and much bigger)! My...
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    need a way to heat up a homemade 561nm DPSS laser module

    hello, i just finished making a 561nm laser module, the problem is, the crystals need to be heated to 35-40 c to lase properly, i need a way to heat up the laser. (a tec is way to small for this module) this is a 12mm module, does anyone know a way to heat the crystals up?
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    WTB a CNI DPSS laser pointer, GLP or PGL

    i would like to buy a cni dpss laser pointer if anyone wants to sell one. any dpss wl and power output.
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    do not ever do what this guy did EVER even with a low powered laser

    this stupid idiot shined a 3w laser directly into his eye, please do not ever try this with any laser (even a 1mw one) this could be incredably dangerous as many "5mw" pointers from amazon/ebay are more than 5mw already, i know most of you guys know this already but this would be very important...
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    First lime laser 303

    You might have seen one of my old posts where I modded a laser 303 to do yellow @ 561nm, today, I decided to make one lime green @ 545nm, this might be the first one of these made before as I couldn't really find anyone else making one of these, I used Nd:GdCOB (with the right coatings for...
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    yellow fat beam module

    hello, ive heard that fat beam lasers are starting to get popular as a few members bought cyan ones already. would people be interested if i started producing yellow dpss fat beam laser modules? if people are interested in this idea, i will make different yellow/yellow-green/lime/lime-green fat...
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    looking for 495nm laser

    hello, i am looking for a 495nm laser diode/module/pointer using the gh04955a2g diode that anyone would like to sell
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    homemade 498nm dpss laser

    hello, recently ive been messing around with some of the lasence 575nm lasers and i used an "oc" that reflects 575nm back in the cavity and lets blue come out, while doing this, i managed to get some 498nm laser emmision, i got way less than 0.5mw though
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    strange 505nm emission coming from lasence 575nm modules

    hello, recently i got my 5th 575nm module, ive notice something strange about all of them though, all of them have a strange greenish-turquoise color that is emitted along with the 575nm light, if you lower the current bellow the 575nm lasing threshold, the turquoise light is still there, ive...