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  1. Coherent Thought

    Can't get SLD323X-421 diode to light

    I bought a couple of these, mainly to practice pressing and soldering but for the life of me I can't coax a photon out of them. Bought them from Laserlands on Ebay. I can't find a datasheet on these for the pinout, so I'm guessing it's the same as other 405's. Positive on the right, negative...
  2. Coherent Thought

    Thank You All!

    The information and guidance you folks give here is amazing. I stumbled in here back in April after looking for a laser at WL, and am so glad I did. Since then, you've helped me build a few 445nm handhelds, a 635nm and a 520nm. Thank you DTR, Zero(Sorry I didn't buy more from you), Survival...