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  1. DarkZomby

    [Help] Problem with a 50mW Green Laser

    I recently bought a 50mW 532nm green laser, specifically this one: LZMN - 532nm 50mW Focusable Green Laser Pointer With the Battery Pack: **Upgrade Pack** 18650 / 16340 li-ion Battery + Charger** What its a 16340 battery. For the moment everything is Ok. I put the battery to charge and when it...
  2. DarkZomby

    Looking For a Laser (50<X<200)mW

    Sorry for asking this in the forum, I know that you are tired of seeing this kind of threads, but I'm so confused looking for a cheap "decent" laser. I've seen 150mW green lasers for 16$ but I think that they must be bad. I'm willing to pay up to 30$, I know, it's SO LOW for getting a good...