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    Laser Driver TTL confusion.

    Hi. May be it's my age but I'm a bit confused with a laser diode driver I just bought. This is the one: In the image on the left it shows "TTL -" on the bottom right pad of the board next to the Laser Diode "-" In the image on the right it shows the back of the board and shows "TTL -" that...
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    Hi From Uk.

    Although I have posted here before, I forgot to add a post here, bit rude I know. I live in Leicestershire in the UK. I'm 59 married with 5 kids and 7 grandkids. Retired Driver. Hobbies are electronics (any kind) and repairing pc's/phones/tv's/powertools/or anything that breaks really, even...
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    Adjusting Current With Multimeter?

    Just wondered if: With the current turned all the way down to start with and the voltage set somewhere between min and max of the diodes rating, is it ok to adjust the laser diode current using a multimeter in series with the diode, instead of using a string of diodes and resistor, or does it...
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    Best way to connect dummy load.

    Hi everyone. Just joined the forum and this is my first post. I've been watching the forum for quite a while now and decided to join as there seems to be a wealth of information here and a lot of knowledgeable helpful people. I would like to ask for a little info about setting up a dummy load...