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    all my stuff

    im trying to sell every thing i have i have a 5mw blu-ray box style laser with glow tile a dx 100mw labb style laser and a dorcy metal gear host with guts removed any one instred post or send me a pm thanks ..glona..
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    hd drive

    is it the xbow hd drives that have the 803t diodes ?
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    br decanning

    ok well the glass on my br laser is cracked so i have no choics but to get rid of it or to take the can off im goin to try how should i do it? thanks ..glona..
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    wtb coustem host

    this is to nay one who has access to a lathe i have afew designs i wont to see if someone could try and do on a lathe il pay for your tiem and materials let me know and il show you the designs
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    BR FOR SALE!!! or trade now with pics

    i just finished my br its in a black project box with a momentary switch and has some glow tiles i would like to sell its for 60 dollers or trade for like 2 low power greens can get pics or a vid if any one wonts one i have no way to tell power beam not visible at night without fog or smoke but...
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    8th grade grad

    im getting a laser for my eighth grade graduation present i would liek it to be aboguht 150 dollers or under as much power as i can get who should i buy from optronics wicked exc?
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    WTB: Dilda laser

    i wont to buy one of the DX 200mw Dilda lasers if nay oen has a used one or any extra one id reather not buy it from dx so il buy it from any one willing to sell prolly like 45-50 dollers
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    hard drive

    any one have any old hard drives they would give away or sell for cheap?
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    blu-ray vs. red burner

    ok so i just got 140 bucks for my birthday (may 4th ) i cant decide weaith to get a blu-ray diode or a red burner any help or suggetions ?
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    is thera a burning laser in a harddrive?
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    hi i am looking for a handheld gps for geocashing i am wontign ot trade for it i have 2 red burning lasers lone is a diy dorcy mini other is a 100mw dorcy labb laser i also have a metal proejct box that the labb laser fits in and prolly liek 25-30 bucks just any thing works long as it has good...
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    wtb blu-ray

    i would like to trade for a blu-ray laser i have 2 red burners 1 is the dx 100mw labby awsome condition comes with 4aa battery pack. next is a 160mw dorcy mini burner i will also throguh in 30 dollers i would like a diy box style aboguht 5mw  let me know offers.
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    wtb/t for 2 green lasers

    i need to buy two green lasers for a friend woudl rather trade for them but willing pay would liek aroudn 5-15 mw range thanks ..glona..
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    hay im buying neon signs mostly need them for neon transformers, so if any one has eather of the 2 let me know kk thanks ..glona..
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    world of warcraft

    hi i have a world of warcraft account i wont to sell ...or trade for a blu-ray if your intrested at all post on hear or send me a pm and i can send you the info of the characters on the account
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    hemp jewlrey

    hi i have ben making hemp jewlrey for almsot 2 years and i deside to start selling it hemp, is the world strongest natural fiber, made from the roots of the canibus plant hears the site lookt around and injoy!! www.freewebs.com/createyourownhemp
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    ir help

    ok i just sold my dx 30 mw green and the person wonted me to make it an ir i have the crystal out but its not a burner, do i need to colminate it more, if so how do i do it?
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    selling my laser stuff

    i have a few items im goign ot sell acctually all my laser gear first up is a 30mw green laser$20(to cover shipping) i tried to motttify so thear cut and stuff on the top but still an amazing laser if looks art evrey thing next is a dx 100mw labby34$ (to cover shipping) and last a diy 160mw...
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    hears a nice chunk of aerogel its suppost to do sompthing ot the laser's beam only 1 bid happy bidding http://cgi.ebay.com/NASA-StarDust-Mission-Type-Aerogel-Free-Shipping_W0QQitemZ320229139810QQihZ011QQcategoryZ416QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ..glona..
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    dx 100mw labby

    well i jsut got my labby today the 100mw red from dx it goes nice bright for a min or 2 than it goes low i have fresh 9volt bats any know ells get this? or know what to do