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  1. Gun

    Woah, it's been a while!

    Hello Everyone! So I just checked and the last time I was on here was about 18 months ago?!? Woah. I was just sitting on my couch today, and some fog started to roll in, that triggered a thought about lasers and that I haven't been here in forever! So, what have I missed exactly? As I said...
  2. Gun

    120mW 638nm Opnext C6 By Blord

    Hello Everyone, So I have just recieved a wonderful build from the master; Blord. This laser was a custom build requested by me, it is an Opnext 120mW 638nm in a black, unmarked, C6 host with an orange tailcap button, to match the orangey-red wavelength :). The laser cost me $125 including...
  3. Gun

    Laser Not Working!

    Hello Everyone, So I just received the laser that was shipped to me by Blord, in two seperate packages. It's a 120mW 638nm Opnext laser in a C6 host. I've assembled the laser, inserted batteries, turned it on and...nothing. At the current time I'm assuming that this is my own fault and not...
  4. Gun

    Post your PC!

    Post your PC
  5. Gun

    Laser Contest #1 - 3rd Place Tiebreaker!

    Hello, So as most of you know, in the current laser contest there is a tie for 3rd place between Atomicrox, wannaburnstuff and TheDukeAnumber1. The entries of the 3 contestants have been edited into this thread. We are voting on who has the best laser under $100, 'best' is classified by your...
  6. Gun

    Laser Contest #1 Continued Poll.

    The poll on the main contest thread is limited to 10 contestants, so as there are 13 contestants you'll be able to vote for the last four contestants here! If you wish to vote for lazerphase's laser, please just post below! He can no longer be edited into the poll.
  7. Gun

    Laser Contest #1 - Best Laser under $100

    :wave: The contest is over :wave: First Place: grainde Second Place: styropyro Third Place: Atomicrox Hello Everyone, Welcome to the first laser contest :wave:. Category For the first comp, the category is 'Best Laser under $100'. This can be of any wavelength or output. Remember, it has...
  8. Gun

    Laser Contests - Support, Suggestions & Questions!

    Hello Everyone, So now that the first contest has been created, this thread is going to be for suggestions, ideas, problems, issues, etc. So post all of the above here and not on the actual contest threads. Thanks, Gun :wave:
  9. Gun

    What are you Listening to?

    Hello, So I've seen this thread on other forums that I'm on, so I thought I'd make it here! I did search a around and I couldn't find a thread similar to this, but if there is one then you can delete this thread. So basically just post what songs you're currently listening to :) Personally...
  10. Gun

    405nm Ebay Laser Review!

    delete this
  11. Gun

    Convoy M1 XM-L Flashlight Review

    delete me please
  12. Gun

    Tips for New Member Introductions!

    Hello Everyone, This thread is meant to be helpful for newcomers that are wondering what to include in their Introduction thread. I've seen a lot of new users post very brief and un-descriptive threads that basically tell us nothing, similar to the following: greetings! Im matt im 26 and I'm...
  13. Gun

    When and When Not to Wear Goggles?

    Hello Everyone, So I've been reading through a lot of safety threads on the forums and I've seen a similar one popping up saying something like this: "I own a 1W blue laser, can I look at it without goggles?". There have been very mixed answers concerning when it's extremely important to wear...
  14. Gun

    Help Me Build My Next Laser!

    Hello Everyone, Well I've only "built" (connected a module to a power supply) my first laser today and well...I'm already planning another build :D I think I've fallen in love. I'm sort of planning a handheld build as I think I may have convinced my dad to let me! I'm thinking I'll go with red...
  15. Gun

    30mW 532nm Fasttech Module Build!

    Hello Everyone, So all the parts finally arrived for my first build. Not sure if it's really classified as "a build" or not, I connected a power supply to a module :p. I ordered the following parts: - 30mW 532nm Laser Module - 12mm Heatsink Mount - 3V Power Supply - Australian Power Plug...
  16. Gun

    Bad Representation of LPF! This guy's an idiot

    Hello Everyone, So I was on <someone's> profile and I saw Laik post a video, I clicked on it not expecting much. This is the video: <Video Removed> If you watch the video you'll hear "<user name removed>" mention <someone's name> and LPF numerous times. You'll also notice that's he's messing...
  17. Gun

    Scared of Eye Damage?

    Hello Everyone, Basically I'm just wondering if anyone here was ever nervous or still is nervous about damaging their eyes with a laser, I sort of am. Being someone who has not yet handled a high-power laser, it's a scary thought to think that for whatever reason, if your safety goggles were to...
  18. Gun

    Best Flashlight for under $70?

    Hello Everyone, So I'm looking for the best flashlight that costs under $70, including shipping. I was recommended THIS one by InfinitusEquitas since I couldnd't afford the modded one he was selling. Is it the best bang for buck? It seems like a very good deal. So yeah. Tell me what you think...
  19. Gun

    LPF YouTube Channel

    Hello Everyone, So I thought it would be a good idea to start a Laser Pointer Forums community YouTube Channel! On the channel we will all be able to upload laser unboxings, tutorials, reviews, etc! If there is already a channel for the forums and I've somehow missed it, then please let me...
  20. Gun

    How to Re-size a GIF

    Hello Everyone, So as I've noticed, people here seem to like GIFs. Now you may want to resize a GIF for an Avatar, Signature or maybe just so it doesn't look so big in your post. I'm going to show you how to re-size a GIF and keep the animation as many programs remove the animation when you try...