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    Finally, I can get back to LPF

    Finally can come back, I am from Hong Kong, and recently moved to China for work... the internet censorship is more than I think... They censor most of the news and things... and yes, China blocked this forum also... oh well, anyway I am very happy that I got back in... :D:D I see now we have...
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    WTB Adjustable power laser

    I wonder if it's so hard to make adjustable power lasers? Actually I am looking to buy 405nm's adjustable power laser, but I don't think I have seen any so far? but i thought it's possible to adjust the power on the driver? Or it's easier for the laser to die this way?
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    405nm = near UV = can kill germs and virus?

    I have been wondering... um.... so 405nm is shorter in wavelength and it's near UV, so does that mean it can kill more germs and virus when compare to other wavelength of the same power? If it can... do you guys know how much wm in power it takes to kill some germs? I tested the 600mw, I found...
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    405nm brightness and prescription glasses

    I tried searching on the forum, But can only find that different weather or air quality will affect the brightness of the 604nm. But I think people who wears a prescription glasses will see them much dimmer, right? Because most sun glasses or prescription glasses block most of the UV a and UV b...
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    List of Laser Functions?

    I tried to search this online, but I couldn't find them I guess no one have list the function before? or maybe I am not searching for the right keywords? I was talking to a friend and saying my hobby with lasers, they don't know what to say, but ask me what are the functions of the lasers... I...
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    Happy 4th of July!!!

    Happy 4th of July guys! Wish you all have a wonderful holiday. :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave: *Please don't use laser to shot the chopper in the sky when you are watching the firework*...
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    Using lasers as a light source for outdoor activity

    I am sure some of you have used laser and have used them indoor.... let's say the laser is not so powerful that it start to set fires in the room... Then I would say it's a pretty good light source, sometimes when I go to restroom, I am just lazy to turn on my light, I used my green laser to...
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    About Cable diameter

    HI Guys, this might sounds like a newbie questions, but after I look at some of the builds you guys do in here, I found the Cable Diameter seems a little ... "small" or not thick enough, especially for a cable that will pass 1A or over's electronic currents? I saw some said their build can go...
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    Dangerous reflection Materials and burning power.

    Hey Guys, Actually I did look around the Forum, but I can't find similar Titles, or maybe I am not using the correct keywords when searching. But I do wonder about two questions. 1. I have heard the shorter the wavelength the more powerful it is. so does that mean a 400nm burn better than a...
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    Laser Particle Speed?

    Actually I have been wondering, what are the Speed of Laser Particles? seems like a question that is not easy to answer? I mean is it possible for the light of laser actually go faster than the speed of light? I did do some search on this Forum, and something like Quantum Physic comes up...