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  1. cantthinkofone

    Need Info

    Hey guys. I dont know if many of you remember me but I figured I'd check back now that I have some more money and free time to maybe get back into lasers. So whats new? Whats the hottest new diode? When I left there was some talk of laser laws. Any important changes there? Thanks in advanced! Nate
  2. cantthinkofone

    My formal good bye (not forever though)

    Over the past couple months my life really took over and I just had to step back from it all. After months of doing NOTHING but laser related activities I just kinda lost most interest in them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE building things and I very much plan to continue building lasers, just at a "laser"...
  3. cantthinkofone

    Please explain this...

    Hey guys! Well my 589 arrived today and when i opened it all seemed well, until the battery was inserted. As soon as I screwed the cap back on a BIG puff of smoke shot out the button area. I removed the battery and let it cool down. When I reinserted the battery it worked perfectly and is a very...
  4. cantthinkofone

    My LPM build *so far*

    Hey guys! ill try and update this as i work on it! to start, here is my crappy soldering on the board itself. board by Jufran88. as you can see, surface mount resistors actually are my strong point surprisingly. still need the 5k pot. ordering it soon. when i order that it'll come with an 8x8...
  5. cantthinkofone

    Fun with lasers in the chilled ohioan air

    Hey! well since my collection is about to get extremely big because of all my builds and such, i thought i would enjoy my collection so far. and since its now 32 degrees in ohio, i decided to test a theory ive had since summer. heres the results: here we observe my cheapie ebay pen and its...
  6. cantthinkofone

    The surge

    Attention all LPF citizens! Attention all LPF citizens! The annual surge is about to begin! Lol anyway if the green diode seller is legit and we all get the diodes from my group buy, I for see a surge. A flood of green builds. With the annual "surge" possibly flooding the builds threads and...
  7. cantthinkofone


    I have ended this. the diodes listed here after the greens went sour will be available again soon but not at the moment. Thanks! -Nate
  8. cantthinkofone

    aliexpress 405 *PICTURE OVERDOSE*

    Hey GUYS! this is a long overdue review. way back, when i did the fda test, the laser did infact make it. i still havent reviewed it so here we go. first it came in a lame yellow box, upon opening we are greeted with laser, battery, and charger the laser itself is black. it has good weight...
  9. cantthinkofone

    Toshiba excite 10 16gb

    Hey guys. I would really like to sell my Toshiba excite 10. It's a quad core tablet with wifi, and 16gb. It plays games extremely well and no game challenges this monster. It's an android tablet. I'll come back with pictures but can't upload currently. It comes with an hdmi cable, hdmi to micro...
  10. cantthinkofone

    I apologize

    I guess you could call this a formal apology of sorts. The thread I made jokingly referencing a contest between me and tmack caused anger from what I can tell. He even made a new account to show people he is not in it for the rep. I am not in it for the rep either and I apologize for such a...
  11. cantthinkofone


    Gravity was the best movie ive ever seen by far. people were watching it so intently you could hear a pin drop. Excellent movie and i can without a doubt say best one ever. have any of you seen it? what did you think?
  12. cantthinkofone

    Lowering laser power.

    I still can't figure out a good way to lower the power of a laser diode. For example how would one lower the power of a pl450 diode? I thought you could do it with pulses but not sure for 100 percent. I was looking at getting. Pl450 down to 5mw but can't find a good solution. I know I asked this...
  13. cantthinkofone

    Pulsed vs constant?

    Hey guys! So I have always been fascinated by pulse lasers for no particular reason. Is there many differences? I plan on making my own pulse laser just because I like them but is there any practical resons why pulsed may be better?
  14. cantthinkofone

    Radioshack LX1000

    Hey Guys! i found a laser today. it was my grandfathers. made 1995. its soooo interesting though. its a WAY deeper red than any of my key chains. radioshack archives say its a 670. its way weaker than my keychain lasers and one can guess this was built with quality. i actually trust the safety...
  15. cantthinkofone

    PIC microcontrollers!

    Hey guys! just got a new PIC programmer and was wondering if any of you guys have used PICs in your personal projects. i dont mean arduino i mean the 'ol fashioned way with a good 'ol PIC. anyone?
  16. cantthinkofone


    Hey guys. My first build was nothing short of the sketchiest most ghetto fabulous thing ever. Well today I decided to remove my aixis so I can have a proper build with this diode. So first off, what should I drive this puppy at? Also how many volts? I'm gonna order glasses since my last pair has...
  17. cantthinkofone

    Poor man yellow handheld.

    For the past few months I've been wanting a poor mans yellow something awful. I've seen jayrobs thread and was wondering if anyone else has attempted a hand held RG yellow.
  18. cantthinkofone

    New commers...

    I don't know where I should post this. Now to start I know a couple months ago I was new. But my first post wasn't for a high powered laser it was help for a driver. But recently every other post is some new person trying to get some retina destroying laser. Not trying to be an ass but I can...
  19. cantthinkofone

    FDA tester.

    Hey guys! I'm sure you all are as interested as me into how hard the crackdown is. I took the liberty in ordering a 100 mw laser from aliexpress. In a couple days it will ship for the states and I'll post here the results. What do you guys think? Do you think it'll make it?
  20. cantthinkofone

    wicked laser host knock off

    hey guys! ever wanted a wicked lasers laser? well now you can have a look alike crafted from your own hands! i found this host on ebay. i know not everyone likes ebay, but for 18 dollars this would be a cool first build. heres the link: Power Rock Series Laser Torch Blank Host with All...