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    My shiny NEW video! :D

    Please go to the page and leave a comment!  :D Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVuM0YP6o7g Enbeded version:
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    Re: Kenom's Dorcy "Kentorch" power demo & minirevi

    Re: Kenom's Dorcy "Kentorch" power demo & minirevi With the tape, how far away were you?
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    W00T!!!!!! ^_^

    W00T! 200th Post!! :D
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    How mudh would you pay for......

    How mudh would you pay for a box styled laser? Like this. (Lisy WAYYYY beter quality) It'tle have a SenKat diode.(Or a Blu-Ray) DDL's driver ext... About how much would you pay for it? I am thinking about selling them from E-bay or somthing... I need to get a realistic price. Im thinking like...
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    Ok, I was making a laser for someone here, and I cant remember theier username. I had it in the PM's.... If YOU were the person that was wanting me to make the laser, please speak up. I am about halfway through the process, just so you know. :)
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    Look! I need this quick!

    What nm are the GB diodes? I can't find it anywhere. :o
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    New Logo!

    That new logo is nice! Good job c0ld! :D Lookes great! This change was in the grey/dark skin/style if anyone cares.
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    My DIY burner! Now with video!! :)

    WOW! NO change in shutter speed!  :o This is my DIY burner.  :D
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    YES! I did it!

    I am SOOOO happy! Look: 1 SenKat diode + 1 AixiZ Module + 1 Trip to Raido Shack + $30 US dollars = This: WOW! NO change in shutter speed!  :o It can: -Pop Baloons -Light maches -Burn almost all black/dark plastic -The beam is visible at night -Scare my Science teacher :D
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    Free Wicked Core?

    Iv'e seen lots of refrences to the "free Wl core". Where and how do I get it? Not like I like Wl or anything, itl'e be under powerd, but hey, free stuff is free stuff. ::) :)
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    REALLY cool scaner!

    Wow. Just wow. :o ;D :D
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    Buy____Get a____ Free!-LaserGlow

    LaserGlow is having a sale here: http://www.laserglow.com/index.php?special You might want to take a look. Lookes like lots of greenies. :)
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    How powerfull........

    How powerful does a laser need to be to be able to see the beam at night?(red and green) How powerful does a laser need to be to be able to see the beam in the day-time?(red and green) :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-...
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    A laser drive?!?

    Here is the link. Wow.. :o I want one :D
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    I broke a pin on my diode. :-[ Is there any way to fix it? ... And, first REAL postin this section. 8-)
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    Help the newbie....

    Hey... A cupple questions. 1. How do you find what size of resistor and cap you need to power a diode without breaking it? How Manny volts? 2. Does the color of a laser affect it's ability to burn? Is there a diffrence between a 20mW red and a 20mW green other than the color? :-[ :-/ Thanks....
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    Arctic Silver?

    Ok, I found a tube labeld arctic silver in my garage. I have bean hearing about it a lot here so, what do you use it for?  :-?
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    New Dorcy Flashlight opportunity!

    Ok, I went to walmart to find the Dorcy Mini light and only found: This. I thought it was what I wanted, but no, I guess not. I bought it anyway and opened it up to have a look-see inside. Here are the pics: And lo and behold, the bace of the top-half of the AixiZ housing was EXACTLY the...
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    AixiZ Laser modules....

    I have tryed a cupple times, and I just cant disasemble the darn thing. All the places I have bean able to find all said somthing like; "Take the top off...". I know all of you have done it. How? Can sombody give me a little step-by-step kinda thing? :-[
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    The "Kip-Kay laser hack"?

    I was drawn into the laser world one day while browsing through instructabls.com. I saw the "Kip Kay Laser hack" I watched, and was amazed. I googled for a good long time. I heard that all it is is just a good way to kill a LD. Then, I found this forum. Is it true? Is there something it is...