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    Is there a good source of cheep Aixiz modules?

    I'm looking for standard 12X30mm brass cases. I found that http://www.mfgcn.com/ sells them for about $7 It looks like DealExtreme has them as well. I also see people selling them with other laser products for about $4. Is DX the best source? I'm not sure I want to go DX because they don't...
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    WTB: Blank foil / clear sticker sheets

    Does anyone know where I can cheaply obtain blank foil and/or clear plastic sticker sheets? I would like to print out my own designs for my lasers (also for general purpose). Thanks for any info, Matt.
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    bestofferbuy.com - China store - Ships to USA

    I returned my crappy DX True 30mW green - it was blinking like crazy and was weak. My brother returned his back to DX as well with the same issue! They probably make them even cheaper than they did before resulting in a truly crappy product. I was lucky to get my laser shipped because DX put...
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    Micro Flex + 803-t Accurate output?

    Ok, I have this phr-803t diode with the famous micro flex drive by DrLava. I measured the current with a fluke multimeter and I get 98mA. I measured by putting the meter in series between the laser and output of flex drive. I currently don't have the supplies for an official test load. Is this a...
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    WTB: Polygonal mirror (for scanning)

    Does anyone have a 6-sided polygon mirror from a laser printer or out of some sort of laser scanning application? I actually had one from an old laser printer but threw it away. The ones on ebay are way too expensive for the project I want to complete. Thanks. Matt
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    Line through the dot

    I've got a red in in Axiz module - I'm not sure why, but I got a line going across the dot. Take a look at the uploaded picture. I concluded that it is not the lens - I tried a different lens without a spring - did the same thing. At one point - it got dirty from me opening up the lens...
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    >30mw Laser with good divergence?

    Does anyone know if there is a green laser out there that is greater than 30 milliwatts and has a tight beam/spot up close and far? DX true 50 and 100 have comments about bad divergence and is fixed for up close burning. I own the true 30mw and I love how tight the beam is. As always, I'm...
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    DX 30MW Green Laser - flickers; should I return?

    I just bought a True 30MW green laser from Deal Extreme. When I got it, it looked like it worked fine; however, later that evening, I noticed that the laser dot was flickering. It doesn't seem to be a button or battery issue, but something with the driver. I have seen identical complaints on the...