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  1. AMooMooCow

    Looking for sources for a small form-factor SMD 420nm LED

    HI! It's been a long while since I'd been here! I'm getting back into playing with electronics. I started playing some Nintendo Switch this year because I just love sitting back on the couch instead of at an office chair at my desktop after I get home from work. Tangent And I noticed the...
  2. AMooMooCow

    I think I might have mentioned an old video I had seen where someone grew their own KTP. Not...

    I think I might have mentioned an old video I had seen where someone grew their own KTP. Not sure if I could even find any such video anymore since youtube isn't like it used to be and it just doesn't have that kind of search functionality anymore. Sorry for the late reply, I think I probably...
  3. AMooMooCow

    This hobby helped me figure out I have undiagnosed ADHD

    Yes 👏🏻 Yes. There’s this part of it where you’re processing everything and all stimuli in the environment and it’s so overwhelming and just exhausting. I think the DSM calls this “easily distracted”. It’s crazy to think about how different we process things and just to realize this isn’t how...
  4. AMooMooCow

    This hobby helped me figure out I have undiagnosed ADHD

    I really appreciate your response. It’s always a fantastic feeling to talk to someone and they know exactly how your brain functions on almost like a spiritual level. I would write a lot more than this because I really really appreciate the reply, but I just can’t right now, lol I wish you the best
  5. AMooMooCow

    For members who wish to change their name

    I was AgentMcBaine, but that was like an old xbox 360 username and I don't want that anymore. Now I'm AMooMooCow because I love the moomoos. Moo! They're the largest breed of dog.
  6. AMooMooCow

    This hobby helped me figure out I have undiagnosed ADHD

    I was so into lasers from 2010-2015. Then senior year of college happened, then grad school happened, then career started, then I got into the space industry, then covid happened; it just snowballed into a whole lot of responsibility that I needed to reserve my energy for so I couldn't enjoy...
  7. AMooMooCow

    FS: NUBM07 4W 470nm SL S4X with G8 Lens

    Oh, sorry, it's sold already
  8. AMooMooCow

    Review of the RLP-780-10 780nm Laser Pen

  9. AMooMooCow

    Cheap deep UV laser

    You could build a TEA nitrogen laser. I just think they’re super dangerous, but I don’t have the experience to say for sure *how* dangerous they are edit: I’m also not a doctor (at least not anymore, not since the accident), but I’m not too sure of how much pulsed energy you’d need for proper...
  10. AMooMooCow

    Looking for star pointer

    They actually have 505nm now, which is the brightest beam you can see in the night sky with your eyes adjusted to the dark. Buuut the question is how much power you want to keep it under, because you can get a brighter beam from a 30mw 520 than a 20mw 505. It's just a matter of how safe you want...
  11. AMooMooCow

    Not new to site.

    Hi! 👋
  12. AMooMooCow

    Thor M2

    A neat trick if you don't have a power meter is to measure the current with a multimeter from the battery tube to the contact on the laser module (close the circuit with two alligator wires, and don't try to fumble around with this setup with your hands cuz it might blind you). In general, you...
  13. AMooMooCow

    How to get unkown laser diode to operate

    I like to shine a flashlight into the diode window. The proper bias will give you a small positive voltage, just like a regular photovoltaic. It may take trial and error since you might have a photodiode in there along with the laser diode
  14. AMooMooCow

    FS: NUBM07 4W 470nm SL S4X with G8 Lens

    I got f i r e d. Due to COVID. The commercial aerospace industry isn't doing too good right now. I have this big old laser I made last year that's just sitting there and I super cannot afford to pay on my car next month. It maxes out my LPM at 3700mW. Going off the power curve, it should be...
  15. AMooMooCow

    Does anyone know what tool they use to screw things in with just a 1/10 inch hole in a heatsink?

    I broke into this 505nm laser to replace the driver, but I'm totally unable to get enough leverage on this heatsink with just an iron nail in order to unthread the heatsink from the tube. These kinds of assemblies are really common in Chinese lasers. Does anyone know what tool they use to screw...
  16. AMooMooCow

    Diode Damage from burned glass? PLE 3.5

    I'm not a doctor, at least not anymore, but it seems to me like the dirt was very basic and dissolved the coating off of the lens. In medieval times, you might use ash to wash your hands because it's a source of basic material, so it's good at dissolving things. My guess is your lens was so...
  17. AMooMooCow


    Hi! How's it going? I noticed you haven't gotten much traffic on your post. You might want to post this in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum, take pictures and tell us everything about the broken laser I'd offer to do it but I don't know what's wrong with it and I don't exactly have a workshop at the...
  18. AMooMooCow

    Need help building blue burning laser!!

    Hi! It's been a while. I've been über busy with my first career job. Things changed a little while I was gone, mostly just the diodes reaching into the 470-500nm range, so that's neat. I've been lurking a little but something happened that made me jump back in here. I was building a wall clock...
  19. AMooMooCow

    Growing plants with lasers

    Personally I have never been burned by a 25mw laser, and a plant is way more transparent. Temperature increase might be useful to measure if you can get your hands on one of those $150 thermal imagers for your phone, but only if it's part of any equations you might generate. Of course...
  20. AMooMooCow

    Thoughts on my design

    You know what, I don't even know. I kinda just skimmed the thread last night