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    Tiny rechargeable green laser built into a keychain flashlight

    I recently discovered the new 520nm green laser diodes that don't require the frequency doubling stage that regular 532nm green lasers need, which means I could finally build one as small as I wanted. I gutted a Nitecore Tube and turned it into a 30mW rechargeable green laser pointer with some...
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    Scratch-built green laser with display and instrumentation

    Here's a video of my latest laser project - it's a scratch-built 100mW green laser with a graphical display and instrumentation of current, voltage, and temperature. It has adjustable output power, a password lock for high power, and is usb-c rechargeable.
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    445nm Pointer build with Laser Lock security system

    Here's my latest laser build: 445nm projector diode Flexdrive @ 700mA IMR 16340 Li-ion DX 1x123A flashlight host The thing that makes this pointer really special is that it is the first use of my Laser Lock system to increase the safety of the device. I have used a PIC 10F206 microcontroller...
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    My Blu-ray build, with focus ring

    Hello, I've been a lurker for a long time, and I've received a lot of great information from this forum, so here's an attempt to give back-- as far as I know, my focus dial idea hasn't been used elsewhere already, so it may be  of use to some of you. Here's my Dorcy Bluray build. It uses...