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    Time to approve sales threads

    I'm curious what the wait time is for sale threads to be approved? [I think] I posted a sale thread for a 473nm laser yesterday morning but I still haven't seen it.. which makes me wonder if I ever hit the "post" key.. so yeah if any mods know what happened to my thread please let me know.
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    SOLD!! 100mW CNI 473nm analog lab-style laser for sale

    I'm selling a CNI 473nm laser. It makes over 100mW sustained, despite being a 50mW rated unit. It's never been tweaked, touched or modified in any way. VERY low hours, less than 150 hours total. I've only powered it up once in awhile to make sure it still works. I measured it today, it's making...
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    SOLD!! self-luminous tubes for sale

    Selling off a few self-luminous GTLS tubes. The larger diameter tubes are 20 year tubes that are about 2 years old, the 4x40mm tubes are 15 year tubes that are also about 2 years old. PLENTY of life left in these. I've got 3 1.5" tubes, 4 4x40mm tubes and 1 2.8" tubes for sale. I'd like to get...
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    Laser pointers in urban warfare

    Apologies if this has already been posted, I was shown it by a friend who said it was posted on Reddit (heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who etc lol) and immediately thought of LPF (could be hella old or fake, it's the interwebz):
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    2012 Halloween rave laser show

    Just wanted to share some pics and vids from our show last weekend. It was off the hook.. The lineup included The Crystal Method, Figure, Claude von Stroke and Dara. We recently acquired a pair of 7 ft. 24-position beam tables and a full set of 30 bounce mirrors, including diffraction mirrors...
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    Time delay for sales thread approval

    Anyone know how long it takes for sales threads to be approved by mods? I posted one yesterday, but it still hasn't appeared. I know that, as frustrating as it is for me, the mods occasionally have other things to do than make sure that everything I need is taken care of so they might be...
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    Computer parts for sale

    Intel Core i5 520M Mobile processor. This is an Arrandale-based CPU intended for Intel Calpella based laptops/tablets. It has 3MB of cache, built-in HD graphics and runs at 2.40GHz (turboboost to 2.933GHz). Socket PGA988. This is a nice, speedy dual-core chip with hyperthreading to replace the...
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    Awesome Garage Project!!

    Probably not an easy project, and amazing as far as I'm concerned: Man Builds Flight Simulator in Garage | Military.com
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    Neat historical videos from AT&T/Bell Labs on Lasers!

    Since the technology was originally developed at Bell Labs, these videos are straight from the source. Very cool stuff IMO: Optical Maser = Laser AT&T Archives : Principles of the Optical Maser (Bonus Edition) PusNutZMGB8 AT&T Archives : Laser N8dMr7sqWkI AT&T Archives : Lasers Unlimited...
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    Ultra Music Festival Live Stream

    Don't worry.. there's lasers from time to time.. the rest is just sick. UMFTV - YouTube
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    A little sunshine for the tough times we live in

    These days it can be hard to find something to smile about, but I couldn't help but smile when I watched this. There's something about that old-school sound that I've always enjoyed.. it's good that there are folks still laying it down like this: oXvJ8UquYoo
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    Belated introduction from a long time member

    It occurs to me that after almost four years of membership here I don't think I've ever formally introduced myself, so here goes! I want this introduction to be honest, and really help people get to know more about me so I'm going to be frank throughout. No one should feel obligated to...
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    Experiment involving doing business with Nautilus Integration (drlava)

    Since the recent poll thread concerning drlava has been closed I'll post here. I've long been aware that it seems people who are primarily PhotonLexicon members never seem to have any issue dealing with drlava.. items ship fast, the communication is excellent and generally his customer service...
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    Laser show at Winter Warpdrive 7 St. Louis

    A few random bits of footage of our show for Winter Warpdrive 7. Artist lineup included BT, Marco V, EOTO, and Vibesquad. It was an epic show all around, hands down the best produced EDM event in STL history, we were honored to be selected to provide lasers for this important milestone...
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    Sony Laser Diode Guide - A serious guide for the care and feeding of laser diodes

    Not sure if this has been posted here before, I just stumbled across it randomly while browsing Sam's FAQ. This is a technical guide to the treatment of laser diodes. Includes a host of schematics and calculations for APC/ACC circuits, TEC controllers, guidelines for handling and mounting, etc...
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    Lasever high-powered (class IV) 532nm lab module review

    OK so I don't have the full review ready quite yet, but I can say that so far I've been more than impressed with Lasever's products. My first experience with Lasever's products came in the form of a 1.5W 532nm module that I traded for around a month ago. My unit makes well over 1.6W...
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    A little Pink Floyd laser action!

    A show our company did for our local Pink Floyd tribute.. sold out! This is the "On the Run" sequence.. g-0Plw-n0wc The band apparently doesn't believe in dress rehearsals, so we had little time to program real syncing.. the audience doesn't seem to mind though ;). Lasers are 1x 1.5W 532nm...
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    Getting closer all the time...

    Don't know if it's been posted here already: Navy tests laser gun by zapping motorboat off California coast | Technology | Los Angeles Times Ship mounted laser gun hits motorboat, toasts motor.. Not very climactic video IMO, it could benefit from some artistic input from John Woo, but it's...
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    Stark Raving Mad (aka Some Stuff I Did At A Place)

    Here's a few pics of a show we did for a rave recently. You'll have to pardon the resolution, these were taken by a couple friends and I just copy/pasta'd from facebook.. More to follow as I find them. My partners supposedly took some video footage, but it's not been forthcoming yet. The last...
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    Video & pics from a laser show I did for a concert over christmas week

    Finally my fledgling laser company is starting up.. I've had a few good gigs, but nothing of this caliber yet. It was an incredible time! Excuse the fact that this is a group of short vids I combined into one.. My photographer (my wife) didn't want to watch the show through the camera so the...