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  1. jander6442

    1000 Watt drone

    I'll just leave this right here LPF:evil: Sorry if it's a re-post.
  2. jander6442

    Are we DOOMED

    Whats going on?????
  3. jander6442


    Are these batteries rechargeable. I know lithium ions are of course??? FDK CR-1/3N 3V Lithium Battery - 3 Volt 160mAh CR1/3N
  4. jander6442

    MagicFire host "BigBoy"

    I've been talking with Ric again on maybe doing a group buy on the Magicfire host as seen here. I've got 2 host empty ready to go into a build (future 1W 520nm) but these are great for use with Lazeerer SXB driver for the higer current builds (parallel batt.) as his post on some of his...
  5. jander6442

    WTS Wicked Laser Arctic G1 *SOLD*

    OK so I almost forgot I had this unit, but wanting to move in on other projects means you can make out on this 445nm. I can't remember what it specked but I think it was around 850mW IIRC. Any how it's a good one. 90.00 u pay for the shipping.
  6. jander6442

    FS: SOLD mods close

    OK, so I'm letting loose of one of the rare birds in my collection. I'm wanting to put some money on some other things maybe something that goes pop:eg: SOLD So here goes my thoughts 360.00 plus shipping gives this bad boy a new home:wave:. If you don't have a clue on how to use a laser...
  7. jander6442

    Delivery limbo

    Come on guys.... http://bangordailynews.com/2015/02/10/business/west-coast-port-operations-resume-as-shippers-workers-blame-each-other-for-problems/
  8. jander6442

    The DTR le-adapter V1

    Once again are local laser guru the CEO and president of the LPF diode appropriation committee has all but cemented his name in the LPF hall of fame as the 2nd charter member (Avery is #1 got it) hehe anyways, I review for you the masses the DTR le-adapter V1.:wave: A little history although...
  9. jander6442

    9mm UtraFire MCU-C88 SXB V8

    The Black Talon I got the idea from member RDTech when he was selling his 1W 520nm so I looked for this host in hopes that the price would be reasonable for using it in a build. I got lucky and found some on Eslave for 21.00US each... I bought 2:na:. Back in the day this was a kinda pricey...
  10. jander6442

    Happy Thanksgiving Laserbrains

    I'm thankful for the comradery that this site exhibits, Thanks Avery, for sticking with this man. Hope you and Your Mrs. are enjoying life and having a great holiday season.:thanks: and to the rest of you stay safe and enjoy this cool season put those handhelds through some duty...
  11. jander6442

    How to give rep +/- from a mobile

    It has always been problematic for me to give or take away rep from my mobile, however forum member ChaosLord has shown us the way thanks buddy:thanks: I would suggest trying it on his post there and rep him for this small little jewel that eluded me now I can simply rep folks from the toilet...
  12. jander6442

    Mini PGL and solarstorm CopperHS

    It is hot in Fl so I have not been doing any builds... yea right:crackup: HaHa:na: I have been building, just more flashlights and not so much lasers, but I have put some time into these little honey's. First is the little SolarStormSC031 from Fasttech. I really hated ripping this little guy...
  13. jander6442

    A Malaysian airliner shot down

    Looks like the Russians did it.... they must not like the Malaysians:wtf: Malaysia Airlines plane shot down in Ukraine near Russian border - NY Daily News
  14. jander6442

    Reminder of the upcomming July 4th

    I have the best time with almost everyone when the cloud of spent powder lingers overhead after the firework displays. I even had the fire chief once stop by and used my handheld a little to check it out.
  15. jander6442

    All Hail the King

    I was inspired by member smeerworst to put my collection into a curio display and while I was in the process of shopping for one I ran into some thought about the whole thing. For starters I always keep my collection in a lockable tool chest I had thought about their safety and the chest worked...
  16. jander6442

    [Dual 411nm 1335mW] 2D MAG with PBS cube & Newport mounts.

    Belphegor Goddess of Artful Invention This is #2 in my line of dual builds and I went straight back to the 3.8mm package 411nm diodes:drool:, as a matter of fact 2 of them.:bowdown: Let me state that the camera does not show how awesome the color is on this unit it really looks a creamy violet...
  17. jander6442

    What Sam said

    FBI offers national rewards in laser strikes on planes - NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida
  18. jander6442

    [The Blood Club] 1.1W Oclaro Weapon (HL63193MG)

    I always wanted to build a nightstick laser since I seen them first come out. Like the sAik series builds, I will have some of these coming down the pike, but here is the first.:eg: The new Oclaro diode I feel is slight upgrade above the Mit. 500mW... for one it's a little cleaner as far as...
  19. jander6442

    [Dual diode 407nm] Titan's Twin 1.5W @1.1A

    :worthy::worthy::worthy: I unveil the worthy "Titan's Twin" After building both the Titan's fist and the Yellow Lantern I felt the need to do a hand held dual diode build and I wanted to do a 405nm:D... So here is Titan's Twin After doing much research I only found scattered fragments...
  20. jander6442

    [The Yellow Lantern] Mag-Lite 638/520nm combo

    :worthy: The Yellow Lantern :worthy: Well I had always wanted to try the legendary rog8811 yellow build... so after the Titan's Fist (which is almost finally done) I built one, and really learned alot. One thing is for sure that this is one cool :cool: laser really bright so much...