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  1. Crazy Jay

    445nm Laser for sale in Rare Discontinued Host

    I have a Jayrob Side Button host, that is no longer available, for sale. A similar one with a bluray diode was sold for 260 dollars earlier this year http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/fs-240-mw-blu-ray-laser-perfect-condition-47499.html I'm asking 300 dollars for it or BO. FlexDrive V5 running...
  2. Crazy Jay


    Flaminpyro your new avatar has been finished. Due to issues I will no longer be taking any requests as of now. Any previous I will do but I no longer am offering animations. Not on here anyway Thankyou
  3. Crazy Jay

    CrazyJays Review of the Radiant Alpha meter

    Got mine rather quickly. I bought 9v batteries at one of my local dollar stores that I usually use for my smoke alarms. Radiant alpha meter powered up with one press of the power button. This being my first meter I examined it and even got to looking inside. Hard to tell someone pieced it...
  4. Crazy Jay


    I have decided to officially apologize to LPF Member Lasersbee for claims I mention that I were told true. I was protecting a man who would not speak up for himself. It has done nothing but waste my time and everyone elses. I have heard and seen horrible business practices with both Lasersbee...
  5. Crazy Jay


    Alright I had enough of this shit. I just got another negative Rep from this so called good seller Lasersbee. This is the negative rep given: TROLL............................................. This is the post chosen for this rep...
  6. Crazy Jay

    Rare Sidebutton Host Driver heatsinked

    Hello everyone. Today I took deeper steps into the hobby by heat sinking the driver (thanks to DTR's work :)) in this host that Jayrob used to have. I ordered some thermal adhesive on ebay (DTR's and Jayrob's Recommendation) Once it came I used a freakin quarter and attached it to the heat...
  7. Crazy Jay

    Who was it that told me

    Who was it that mentioned they bought a laser like this one on laser chat? It's a discontinued host and is no longer available from Jayrob or the manufacturer. The person also told me that they bought AAA batteries for freakin 50 bucks or so.
  8. Crazy Jay

    Another Tank007 Review

    As many of you know... Flaminpyro's reputation was put to question by a stupid moron. I'm here to trample that even further into the mud with this short review of my Tank007 I recently received. I have been on the waiting list for months and I finally got it. First impressions: Wow the...
  9. Crazy Jay

    Request for Flash SWF file support on LPF

    As many of you know I like to put up a few animations here or there. Whether they are to make fun of a deserving member or for joking around :D It's a pain in the ass to convert flash files to GIF. Not only is the quality extremely low, it takes a crap load of memory. I just loaded a GIF on...
  10. Crazy Jay

    bbshamsa and bootleg2go

    I think these two are the same guy. Here's the situation. I meant to give bbshamsa negative feedback on a comment but accidentally gave it to bootleg2go. I messaged bootleg2go about it saying I that it was a mistake and I would contact a mod to fix it. Then I get a reply email from bbshamsa...
  11. Crazy Jay

    Missing or absent Members List

    Recently I have wondered where a few LPF members have gone to. I'd like to list those members on here in this thread and also post the ones you noticed that are missing in action. It's not really important but it couldn't hurt to share info that someone may know that others don't. DLMB: Is...
  12. Crazy Jay

    JayRob Sidebutton host tail cap 18650 fix

    Finding out from Daguin that 3 AAA batteries for the 1.1 watt 445nm laser I was going to sell had failed to power it. I ended up opening the tail cap to see if I could fit in an 18650 battery and have succeeded. It easily opens up by simply using a thin screw driver to unscrew the white...
  13. Crazy Jay


    I'm getting sick of this constant crap from Jerry aka Lasersbee. http://laserpointerforums.com/f42/kenometer-laserbee-pro-mods-51455.html He has shown that he cannot keep peace with topics related with the Kenometer. With this new thread of his shows that. I don't like getting negative...
  14. Crazy Jay

    Why Children shouldn't be allowed to own a laser

    Hello Everyone. I went over to my mothers house to watch medium last Friday and my little sister had a friend over. I had my 200mw laser on me and showed them by aiming it at the sky. My sisters friend, being 8 or 9, asked if she could play with it. I said no of course...
  15. Crazy Jay

    Its a wonderful day for Pie!

    Family Guy Disney Universe s08e0 - ingo2009 - MyVideo Ah yes it is a wonderful day for Pie! :drool:
  16. Crazy Jay

    1000 Posts!!!!

    My friends. As I type I am writing on...... .................. .................. MY 1,000TH POST!!! I celebrate by creating my current avatar. I would like to thank Lasers, Root Beer, and all the people, sniff :cryyy:, that got me here today! :wave::wave: :lasergun: Thank you all...
  17. Crazy Jay

    8x sidebutton host for sale

    Hi everyone. I'm selling my 8x that I had for about 5 months. I had it in one of Jayrobs 16850 host at 396mws. I put it in his side button host recently so I could sell it. The host was used once. I'm asking for 350 dollars including the shipping. It comes with Jayrobs 405g1 lens. I...
  18. Crazy Jay

    I'm back... whats new?

    It's been awhile since I lost my internet. I'm dying to know about all of the crazy changes during that time. Hows the 12x coming along? Are there moderators now? Am I still the coolest person around? :D
  19. Crazy Jay

    Green laser Comparison and Parts

    O-like sells the 200mw module for 132 dollars plus shipping. I wanted to get that for my next build but I noticed that I can get the same module for less by ordering the one thats in a pen already. Both these two websites (DX and Bestofferbuy) have roughly the same prices. But Bestofferbuy...
  20. Crazy Jay

    Jayrob side button host on sale

    I have a side button host from Jayrob for sale. Used for about 1 week. Still has Jayrobs smell on it. It has a the flexdrive hot option set to 300ma I'm asking for 70 dollars. Thats a Virtually new SideButton host with Hot Option for 70 dollars shipped. Original price is 35 for host and...