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    Busted chops

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    The MASSIVE Stranger

    The MASSIVE Stranger The sun was high and the trees stirred lightly in the breeze. daguin strode along the path, making for Huge Castle with all speed. Hidden from the eyes of man and beast, he carried the Appropriate Harley, which no other must touch until it could be delivered into the...
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    Ground Screw

    The world needs our help. I have noticed many many electronic devices do NOT have proper ground screws installed! Everyone, we need to make the world safer by adding ground screws to everything. Post pictures of your devices with new ground screw installed. NOTE: Proper ground screw...
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    [FS] CPUs (AMD Phenom X3,Intel E5200) and RAM (4gb DDR2+DDR3)

    Hey guys, I have some computer parts for sale if anyone's interested. Payment will be via Paypal. What I have: 3x - AMD Phenom X3 (Triple core) 8450 ($50 each OBO) 1x - Intel Pentium E5200 ($30 OBO) 1x - 4GB DDR3 Ram (2 sticks of 2gb ram) ($20 obo) 1x - 4GB DDR2 Ram (4 sticks of 1gb...
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    Canadian Customs/Health Canada Seized My Laser [Letter inside]

    It looks like even Canadians are not safe importing lasers anymore. I don't think ive seen anyone post something like this before, if it has been posted please do let me know. About 8 months ago (Yeah, good job Health canada for taking 8 months to process my arctic and send me a seizure...
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    [WTB] eBook reader (Kindle, Nook, etc etc)

    Hey all, I am looking to buy an ebook reader as a chirstmas gift, I would prefer a kindle or a nook, and not those other sony ones that I see everywhere. Id like to spend about $100 on it. Please let me know if you have one you're looking to get rid of. Thanks, Brad
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    Get $5.00 OFF RadiantShades! Protect yourself from Blue and Green lasers on a budget!

    From now, until March 1st 2012, Radiant Electronics is offering a special $5.00 discount coupon to all LPF members towards our new, tested, RadiantShades. Use the coupon code: LPFSHADES5 Click here to check them out! The time to get a pair of protective laser goggles could never be better...
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    FS: Brand new HTC Magic phone

    Hey guys, Ive got a brand new htc magic phone here in perfect condition. Runs android with HTC's sense UI. Click here for specs Id like to get $350 for it, but im open to offers.
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    Calling Bluefusion: Wheres my money or product?

    I guess i'm going to have to publicly call him out on this. I paid bluefusion for some 18650 batteries a while ago, and he has never communicated about them or gave me any sign they have been shipped, and I have not received any package from him. After a while of no contact and him not...
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    Timetunnel with my 35mW SL Uniphase Argon

    So with the help of a few members, I finally got this bad boy rolling...
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    Powering up Uniphase 2214 Argon

    Hey guys, Well I got this thing working and lasing, but I really want to see what it does with its power turned up. The problem is, I don't have a remote interface and when I bought it it was pre-wired to run at idle. Does anyone know how I would wire the power supply on this baby to turn up...
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    Techlasers HonestEOnline

    Something interesting about techlasers... Go to techlasers.com and click on this icon in the header: Looks like either they canceled their membership or are no longer trusted by that agency.. but either way they are not removing the seal from their site...
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    Re: Just FYI...Susie is selling Dilda's now

    Re: Just FYI...Susie is selling Dilda's now That looks like a pretty good deal. EDIT: Looks like I magically inherited the responsibility of creating this thread...
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    My Lase-erversary

    I almost forgot my Lase-erversary... It has been just over a year since I first got into lasers (As a wickedlasers nub :P ) On the very same day I got into lasers, I got the burning question... "Why would you waste that much money on a flashlight??" Will anyone else be celebrating their...
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    PHR-803T Sleds IN STOCK READY TO SHIP $13.50~150mW

    Hey guys! I am going to start selling PHR-803T sleds as more of a retail type thing then a group buy, as I have these in stock and ready to ship so there is no waiting for other buyers or the such. Check out my site: http://phr-803t.com/ Let me know if you have any questions or comments...
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    FS: WiiKey v1s - $7/Each Shipped

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a few wiikeys but do not need them all. I am willing to sell them for $7 each shipped (Price includes shipping to anywhere in the world). I cannot confirm if they are genuine (No hologram), but they look good to me. You can decide for yourself from the pictures...
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    WTB: PS2 Games

    Hey guys, My cousin just got a ps2 and is wanting some games. If anyone has some racing ps2 games, or any ps2 games in general for sale, please let me know. $10 or less for each is what im looking at. Thanks, _Spyrorocks
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    LaserGlow Aries Disassembly?

    I recently acquired a defective laserglow aries laser, and am wondering what it takes to open this thing up. I think the problem is the crystals have became misaligned, as I get quite a bit of IR output, but no green. Help appreciated! _Spyrorocks
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    Make yourself some laser money!

    Make money with your laser-related youtube videos by promoting "www.200mw.com"! Simply put the following text at the beginning of your youtube video description: And wait until your video has at least 150 views, then submit it below by posting it in this thread.. You will earn 20¢ ($0.20)...
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    WarnLaser: The spamming scammers

    Nice, looks like warnlaser is emailing people from LPF advertisements... AND they even include a picture of a "tiger series" laser as an attachment. Post here if you received this bullshit.