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  1. Fretwrecker94

    FS: Silver Coins

    (Sold) Hey all, I've been away from the laser game for a while now. I wanna get back into it but I need to jump start the funds a little. This would bump me up a little into the budget I would like to build my next laser. I know its not directly related to lasers, but I see stuff here that...
  2. Fretwrecker94

    FS: 200mW 650nm LZPL $40

    Laser has been sold
  3. Fretwrecker94

    Nice new look for my AAA Mini Mag

    Hey LPF, Just thought I'd post this. A while back, I got an AAA Mini Mag for really cheap. I thought I got a sweet deal (which admittedly I did) but it had some stupid company's logo anodized onto it. I had never used it because of that and kinda side-lined it. So tonight I decided to give it...
  4. Fretwrecker94

    [Pic heavy] 117mA PHR-803t Blue Hotlight

    Hey LPF, finally fixed this baby up! First of all, I'd like to thank rocket689 for supplying me with this host and heatsink! He really went the extra mile and put an amazing polish on the face of the heatsink! Thanks rocket, I love this! I know you sold me this in like February or something...
  5. Fretwrecker94

    [Pic Heavy] 635nm <5mW Chrome Leadlight "Build"

    Hey LPF! Boy, have I been away from building lasers for a bit. My time has been focused on a mix of grades, hobbyist bushcrafting, and building a real nice flashlight for my brother. Nice ol' graduation present collaboration with me and my buddy over at CPF. ANYWAY! Now onto the obvious crux of...
  6. Fretwrecker94

    Chance for a good deal on a HeNe

    Hey all, just thought I'd share this. It's a nice HeNe from the looks of it, but what do I know. I put a bid in, but I won't start a bidding war past my highest bid. So good luck if anyone wants it! eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices...
  7. Fretwrecker94

    [Pic Heavy] Keyswitch Modded Red Guidesman 260mW

    (Warning.... Lots... Of.... Text) Hey LPF, here's my semi-tutorial/me showing off my most recent build! It's a Red Guidesman with an LPC-815 running at 428mA from a FlexDrive V5. I transplanted it from my C6. But more on that later. :D So I started off with the bare host. Or rather, I waited...
  8. Fretwrecker94

    [Pic Heavy] My first HeNe Melles Griot 05-LHR-911

    I have always wanted a HeNe laser and that dream has finally come true. In fact it has manifested itself in the form of a beautiful Melles griot 05-LHR-911. :D Isn't it pretty? I know the photo is fuzzy, but the rest are better :) But anyway, what I really like and find cool about this laser...
  9. Fretwrecker94

    In need of some suggestions

    Hey all, I'm just posting this out of curiosity/for advice. I have an excess of Aixiz Module backings. Y'know, the part most of us use to press the diode into the front end? Well I've always used a custom pressing tool I drilled out since the aixiz backings warp over time. Anyway, onto the...
  10. Fretwrecker94

    Nice price for a HeNe + PSU

    Here's a decent deal on an 05-LHR-911 HeNe and an 05-LPM-379-1 PSU. I picked one up over the weekend for $35 and it works great! Melles Griot HeNe Laser 05-lhr-911 with 05-lpm-379-1 Power Supply 1.5, 2.0, 5mw | eBay I think this is the guy's last one though.
  11. Fretwrecker94

    Red Anodized C3

    Just thought I'd post this here in case anyone was looking for this. I didn't think that Aurora was associated with this. I always thought Ultrafire had "dibs" on this flashlights logo space. Anyway, I already picked a black one up and then saw this. It's more expensive than a standard black...
  12. Fretwrecker94

    WTB: C3 Heatsink, PHR, and GGW

    Hey LPF, So this is a three-fold "WTB". I'm looking to see if anyone has a... -PHR-803 Sled or Diode (No 805's. I need the neutral casing.) -GGW-H20L sled -C3 Heatsink. Lemme know if you have one, two, or all three. Preferably I'd like to pay <$25 for the GGW, <$9 for the PHR, and ~$10 for...
  13. Fretwrecker94

    Couple of things for sale

    Sale has ended. Thanks to the members who purchased these!
  14. Fretwrecker94

    Cheech226, a great customer!

    Just thought I'd give Bill (Cheech226) some credit for being an excellent buyer. I sold him my Chrome Pocket Mini Kit on Friday. He paid promptly, made a good deal, and shipped for trades quick! All in all a great buyer! :wave:
  15. Fretwrecker94

    Buying: Guidesman or Hotlight kit

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a Red Guidesman kit or a Blue Hotlight kit. Either one works fine. I was looking to get either for under $25 shipped Let me know if you have either! Also If you'd rather trade for an Aurora C6 with a heatsink and leads soldered to the PCB, let me know as well...
  16. Fretwrecker94

    Trading Aurora C6 + Heatsink(s)

    *3/7/12* 5:22pm both host kits still available *3/8/12* Aurora C6 + other "goodies" still available. *3/13/12* Aurora C6 willing to be traded for a Guidesman host Hey so I think I'll give this one more go. I have an Aurora C6 kit I'd like to trade with. PM me your offers. Also, I'm 100%...
  17. Fretwrecker94

    [Closed] Buying: Leadlight Switch Assembly

    [Closed] someone PM'd me with the board.
  18. Fretwrecker94

    Experiences with NewWish Lasers

    Hey just thought I'd post my experience and see if anyone can add opinion or fact to it. The past 8 green lasers in the NewWish housings I have had really did not satisfy me. I know that for under $6 I should be amazed that they can even get green laser light out of them, but when the standard...