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    Badly need help/advice

    Please stick to this one thread and do not create any more on the same topic. This is a warning.
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    Ground Screw

    OK after a year of research and development, I am releasing the new Ground Screw Kit. This kit comes with 1x hot glue stick, 1x Certified Ground Screw, 1x High Quality Ground Screw Attachment Cable (Gold plated for better transmission). You can also get the deluxe kit, which comes with a Hot...
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    Bank of America

    Hak = 100% legit. Many many many A+++ transactions.
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    Lasers in the classroom

    Are you telling me it wasn't operating in the photo? I could have sworn it looked like it was turned on. Its like, some IMAX 3d real life shit yo.
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    Lasers in the classroom

    Wow. Such beam. Much laser. Very light.
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    Magnets + Lasers?

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    Radiant X4 review.

    Im going to say what everyone is thinking. Why do all your photos have number watermarks.
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    Computer spec's

    Just remember, the more ram you have the more ram windows 7 will use at idle, so its not really a good measurement. On my 48gb it sits at idle usage around 3-5gb last time I checked.
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    Some people...

    My socks are totally swagalicious.
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    Some people...

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    An invitation to LaserChat

    Or you know... just go to Welcome to laserchat.org!
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    Gun Discussion

    Ban guns. Since they are illegal, the criminals won't use them. We should make murder illegal too.
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    Radiant Electronics is back!

    Im happy to see the x4 and lightspeed software available to the public now :) Mariomaster and I always wanted it in the hands of hobbyists.
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    Ray Gun - {Pic Heavy}

    Hahaha that made my day. I'll stop derailing this thread now
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    Ray Gun - {Pic Heavy}

    They love it.
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    Tips and Advice on Soldering

    Don't do this.
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    Making quality posts.

    We are pretty cool with it.
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    Ray Gun - {Pic Heavy}

    Male Looks like a fun project :P I remember modding a watergun that looked similar to that from the dollar store.