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  1. lasersbee

    Hi from Czech republic

    Because in English your user name sounds like Jerk-A$$-99. I'm sure it means something else in your language..:) Jerry
  2. lasersbee

    Repolish laser fiber

    Great Optical Fiber info Red... That's what I did with my FAP Laser. Rather than investing in equipment to polish a defective optical fiber for one time... I just got another one. Jerry
  3. lasersbee

    Hi from Czech republic

    Welcome To the Forum Jirkas99... The name seems strange in English...:confused: Don't forget to use proper Laser Safety Googles/Glasses. Enjoy your stay and be Laser Safe... Jerry
  4. lasersbee

    What's wrong with Sanwu?

    You can post on any older Thread as long as the new post has new relevant info on the Thread Subject. Posting something like "yeah I agree" or "me too" will not cut it. Jerry
  5. lasersbee

    Custom builds SALE!

    Man... That sucks.... Just because I have a timer and batteries and matches doesn't mean I'm building a bomb... Jerry
  6. lasersbee

    Hi, New to LPF

    HI Karen Newbie.... Not much of an introduction... How about telling us a little about yourself and/or your hobbies. Jerry
  7. lasersbee

    Greetings from southeast Michigan

    Welcome the the Forum.. Enjoy your stay. Jerry
  8. lasersbee

    DIY aixiz module

    First.... DTR is a reputable seller and has shown to be top notch over the years.. to insinuate that DTR is a scam will not endear you to the members here. You should already know this since you have been a member here since 2013.:unsure: If your main concern is not quality and you want even...
  9. lasersbee

    Hello from Norway

    Welcome to the Forum. It's better late than never... Enjoy your stay and be Laser Safe. Jerry
  10. lasersbee

    What's wrong with Sanwu?

    Good to hear... It would be nice if you introduced yourself to the Forum Members in the Welcome Section...:) Jerry
  11. lasersbee

    Red 200mw 650nm not doing much... am I just being stupid?

    Hovering your mouse pointer over a member's Avatar will bring up a window that shows the member's location if he added it in his Profile. Jerry
  12. lasersbee

    how do you

    Got I Curtis...;) Jerry
  13. lasersbee

    Sanwu BE Adapter / Focus adapter

    Nice work... It's a biach when you need to have odd sized tools made to order and no doubt expensive for onesies. Jerry
  14. lasersbee

    how do you

    Your Question is not clear...o_O Jerry
  15. lasersbee

    Looking for cheapest functional LPM (laser power meter). Will this one work?

    I almost forgot to mention this.... Here are some DIY LPM projects for those of you that want to build your own..... https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/diy-laser-power-meter-projects.71234/#post-1026292 I looked at the schematics of the foodson LPM and it looks a lot like the MarioMaster...
  16. lasersbee

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    No Problem... was just curious... Hope you do a review or at least give us your thoughts... Jerry
  17. lasersbee

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Did you ever get that LPM from the UK ??? Haven't heard anything on that. Would like to see a real high powered laser being metered. Sorry for the off topic... Jerry
  18. lasersbee

    Red 200mw 650nm not doing much... am I just being stupid?

    You will see the beam more readily if the beam passes through smoke or fog. Jerry
  19. lasersbee

    New member from Mexico City

    Welcome to the Forum Michel ... Enjoy your stay and be Laser Safe. Jerry
  20. lasersbee

    Taken over by lasers

    I needed a copy of this in case he deletes it. In Podo's Post #54... Podo shows a document where the buyer states that his StepFather is a lawyer and that they know that those Lasers are illegal in the USA...................... Wait for it........... Chris Smith knowingly imported Illegal...