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  1. c0ldshadow

    Selling forum

    Hi Guys, I am considering selling LPF with an asking price of $55K. If potentially interested please email me avery @ abdomination.com to discuss further/etc. Best Regards, -Avery T
  2. c0ldshadow

    Layout updated - EOM - minor patches=)

    Site offline briefly for minor patches to improve layout=)
  3. c0ldshadow

    Crazy Jay allowed back after many years banned under name - Dud445

    Crazy Jay has been allowed back after many years of being banned... his forum user name is Dud445 -- profile link https://laserpointerforums.com/members/dud445.63594/ . Please do not discuss / fight about this, decision final, focus on laser discussion=) If any fights emerge in the future...
  4. c0ldshadow

    Major upgrade - XF 2.2

    Site upgraded to XF 2.2, including the media gallery, main forum software, and Apex layout. Any weird new issues please let me know so I can report them if needed. Sorry but had to keep it offline for some time during this period as it required a bunch of work
  5. c0ldshadow

    Site upgraded

    Upgraded xenforo, sorry for downtime. I could potentially have Coronavirus lol but hanging in there, throat is bad cough up stuff but started medicine today and hopefully better soon. no fever luckily so it could just be cold doctor says. if fever ill get tested. Please email me avery @...
  6. c0ldshadow

    Software upgrade

    Hey everyone, forum software was upgraded this morning. Please contact me if you notice any issues. Best Regards, -Avery
  7. c0ldshadow

    Major backend software upgrade

    Upgraded major backend component of LPF server software earlier -- although no visual impact should hopefully improve performance. if you notice anything unusual or no working properly though please let me know. Best to reach via email @ avery @ abdomination dot com best regards, -ave
  8. c0ldshadow

    Backup restore - legal issue

    Due to confidential legal issue had to restore site from backup from last week. Sorry for any inconvenience. Not able to discuss the matter any further but everything is OK now and site is OK. Sorry if you need to repost or re-register.
  9. c0ldshadow

    Server updates

    Hey guys, installed some server upgrades / etc. If you notice anything not working normally please let me know but everything should likely be OK. Enjoy the site peace -Ave
  10. c0ldshadow

    Software upgrade

    Hi LPF Team, I upgraded the forum software and some server software packages. If you notice any issues please email me at avery@abdomination.com or please send me a private message. Enjoy the site! Best regards, -Ave
  11. c0ldshadow

    Misc. upgrades

    Hey LPF Team, Needed take website offline for about an hour today while I upgraded web server software and backend database; if notice any issues please email me at avery@abdomination.com Sorry for any inconvenience -Ave
  12. c0ldshadow

    Back online

    Hi Guys, Sorry had to keep site in maintenance a few days while my host fixed an issue on their end; site is OK and everything should be working fine. Please PM me if any issues and sorry again for the inconvenience. Best Regards, -Avery
  13. c0ldshadow

    Layout upgrade

    Hi Guys, I'll be installing an update later today; I'll post back in this thread before I start the process. Changes according to the developer: This update focuses on bug fixes and improvements but also introduces a brand new "Canvas mode" for all our styles If you notice anything odd or not...
  14. c0ldshadow

    XenForo upgraded

    Hi Guys, Today upgraded to a new build of XenForo. If you notice any unexpected behavior please reply here or send me a private message. Have a great weekend. Best Regards, -Avery
  15. c0ldshadow

    Chat system upgrade

    Hey guys, for those who are site supporter and use chat system, system is upgraded to latest version. If you notice anything odd please let me know.
  16. c0ldshadow

    Forum - major release upgrade today

    Hey Guys, I'll be working on a major forum release upgrade today to xenforo 2.1.0. The site may be down for a few hours during this time. I'm doing my best to keep us current; the old LPF I made the mistake of getting too comfortable with the old (but stable version). The problem is if you...
  17. c0ldshadow

    New forum section - lightsabers

    Hi LPF Team, New section created for discussing lightsabers here: https://laserpointerforums.com/forums/lightsabers.84/ Close enough to lasers I figured and guessing lots of people here love lightsabers as well=)
  18. c0ldshadow

    About this section

    Figured we should add a section for lightsabers even though they are not technically laser but since very closely related and guessing a lot laserist also love Starwars and lightsabers=)
  19. c0ldshadow

    Renegade LE

    Just ordered a custom Renegade LE light saber from https://ultrasabers.com , https://ultrasabers.com/product/renegade-le This is the Kylo Ren saber; he is my favorite Star Wars character. Here is my setup: Renegade LE[Configuration: Emerald Driver with Sound] [Crossguard Main Blade LED...
  20. c0ldshadow

    Misc. upgrades

    Hi Guys, I did some server upgrades today; please let me know if you notice anything unusual as a bunch of packages were upgraded. Fixed an issue where 2-factor auth wasn't working b/c of a problem with NTP / server clock. Looking forward to an awesome 2019 for LPF! Best Regards, -Ave