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  1. jmgallego

    Variable DC Power Supply - Which one?

    I see the time for me to get a nice Variable DC Power Supply has arrived. With new laser diodes out there, my interest to build new portable and bench lasers has brought me back to this hobby. So, I am thinking on getting one, however, I do not which one. There are a few thread here that...
  2. jmgallego

    Laserists in San Diego, CA

    Hi, I liked iwannapony's thread, so here is one for San Diego, CA: Any laserists in San Diego? I used to know laserists here, but that was a while back and lost contact. Jose
  3. jmgallego

    Building Laser Pointers Using the 445nm Laser Diodes

    Many of us are receiving our new 445nm laser diodes in the next couple of weeks and some have a good idea on what to do when they arrive. Update: Laser diodes are now arriving, hope this thread is helping bulid your portable lasers. To make things easy, I would like to start a thread where we...
  4. jmgallego


  5. jmgallego

    WTB: PS3 Sled - For ROG's RGB Laser

    Hi, I am also looking for a ps3 sled to build a simpler version of the RGB laser that ROG describes here: http://www.rog8811.com/whitelaserpointer.htm I am definitely not as handing as he is, so... what I am thinking of doing is preparing the sled so I can just “latch on” the three lasers I...
  6. jmgallego

    What's up with these greenees?

    Hi, Does any one know why these green laser pointer are less than $12 in Ebay?  http://cgi.ebay.com/Best-5mw-532nm-Green-Beam-Astronomy-Laser-Pointer-World_W0QQitemZ330258732192QQihZ014QQcategoryZ14954QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Even if they are not great, would the barrel serve as a...
  7. jmgallego

    Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player $40

    Not a great deal, but... if you are looking for an immediate source of 803T's, today's San Diego-Union Tribune shows Fry's has the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player for $40. (http://shop3.frys.com/product/5024355) I am on my way to the store right now :)