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  1. Jaseth

    My wife left me

    While I have not gone through this myself, I can offer some general advice for dealing with loss. Most of it has already been mentioned. 1) You are not alone. Half of marriages do not last. Hundreds of millions have had to deal with this extraordinary blow, and most have gone on to become happy...
  2. Jaseth

    5 milliwatt lazer illegaal of niet?(Belgie)

    I lived in Belgium for several years and have never encountered any laws regarding lasers. As far as I know, the only countries currently regulated are Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. The laws are likely the same as in the Netherlands though...
  3. Jaseth

    Need help with terminology...

    Glow-in-the-Dark Water-tight Silicone O-Ring Seal (24mm 20-Pack) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme Glow-in-the-Dark Water-tight Silicone O-Ring Seal (20mm 20-Pack) - Worldwide Free Shipping - DX I put a lot of glow-in-the-dark O-rings on some of my lasers and torches. Often there are grooves in the...
  4. Jaseth

    is it dangerous to look at sandblasted glass illuminated by a green laser?

    Firstly it would be great if you could tell us where you bought the laser. A lot of lasers are called '5mW' just so they can be sold to the US and via ebay, while many of them are actually significantly more powerful. If it is a verified 5mW it is eye safe to the point that an average...
  5. Jaseth

    Punked Thread

  6. Jaseth

    Any chance for us to have the Tapatalk Plug in here?

    http://laserpointerforums.com/f59/view-forum-tapatalk-77211.html http://laserpointerforums.com/f59/tapatalk-69357.html http://laserpointerforums.com/f59/tapatalk-forum-60084.html http://laserpointerforums.com/f59/tapatalk-support-easy-install-51481.html...
  7. Jaseth

    Tesla > Edison

    You should download and watch this. http://laserpointerforums.com/f48/nicolas-tesla-movie-72955.html Tesla - Master of Lightning
  8. Jaseth

    How do I make my beam...well, less bad?

    It's the 405nm wavelength. Since it is on the verge of being UV, it is hardly visible to most people. Shorter wavelengths also have a higher amount of Rayleigh scattering and make more substances fluoresce, ultimately resulting in a beam which appears to be wide and fuzzy. Try putting on your...
  9. Jaseth

    Will this laser burn anything?

    The listing says It may be overspec since many 10-50mW lasers are called '5mW' to sneak the listing onto ebay. It will not burn anything. It may smoke some dark plastic. If you want to burn things, get a blowtorch or study laser safety in detail, get a pair of certified goggles and acquire a...
  10. Jaseth

    Question about SingPost

    I cannot remember dealing with 'Sing Post', but I have received many items from China over the years. Unless special (more expensive) shipping options are chosen, tracking usually stops when the package leaves China. The information has been consistent with the time it took to receive the...
  11. Jaseth

    FS: 996mW 532nm Krypton Lasersaber

    I am not surprised to see that this 'certified power graph' claims the exact same average power as was lied about by a previous 13 year old WL representative: http://laserpointerforums.com/f45/lpm-video-1w-krapton-67645-2.html#post976948 Avoid this sale unless you are 1) Willing to accept a...
  12. Jaseth

    Anyone speak this language?

    It's Swedish, and no problem on the translation :beer:
  13. Jaseth

    Frustrated due to delays (fixed, error in communications was the culprit)

    Re: Frustrated due to delays :/ Taking payments for products which have yet to be assembled has often been a problem on LPF. Well meaning sellers can back themselves into a corner and begin to sound like they are full of shit because they don't live up to their promises. Sometimes life gets in...
  14. Jaseth

    Why use a round host?

    Most people use hand-held lasers by holding them in their hand, as per the name, or with a tripod and clamp. I have only ever heard of one accident due to a laser rolling off a table. I have heard of quite a few rolling off and breaking, but they were turned off. A square host is just ugly and...
  15. Jaseth

    LPM in Sheffield UK

    There may be a secondary school or university which has a power meter and will allow you to use it. Try calling the engineering college at the nearest university. They tend to be nice to anyone who shows genuine interest.
  16. Jaseth

    Warning about LPF member "pr0jkt" & PayPal

    Re: Warning about LPF member "pr0jkt" This is a fairly common type of scam. They steal an identity and have the package shipped to the fake address in the hopes that the postman will give it to them outside the house or leave it on the doorstep, thereby leaving no paper trail. Shipping with...
  17. Jaseth

    same color

    That used to be my avatar! I like all of these, especially the one BB posted. It's fascinating how quickly and smoothly it works. There was a thread a while back with a whole bunch of them. http://laserpointerforums.com/f57/optical-illusions-72457.html I especially find this one interesting...
  18. Jaseth

    The Search Function

    When a new member enters the forum, he is usually smacked in the face with the 'search button'-hammer, but we continue to see new threads asking the same questions - questions which have been answered many times to many degrees of detail. There are several obvious reasons for this, but one which...
  19. Jaseth

    Why cant I see who's left me REP?

    Member names do not show on reputation pages unless you are logged in. I can't comment on the moderator quirk, but viewing as a guest was probably the reason you remember experiencing it before becoming a mod.
  20. Jaseth

    1 MW vs. 5 MW?

    This was probably just a typo on your part but a megawatt is a million watt and therefore 1MW is actually a billion times as much as 1mW.