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  1. HIMNL9

    Searching IP cameras recording/viewing software

    As the title say ..... no matter if freeware or shareware (except programs that require you to pay 500$ for the program, and 75$ for each "camera license", ofcourse ..... i'm searching a program, not an armed hand robbery :p), i can pay reasonable registration fees, but only for a WORKING...
  2. HIMNL9

    Any WORKING mkv-to-avi and ogg-to-avi converters ?

    As the title say ..... i need to convert some different video formats (mainly anime series :p) to avi, for play them with home players (they don't accept any non-common format, including ogg and mkv, and they don't play over 720x576 frame resolutions). I've tried different programs, both...
  3. HIMNL9

    AAAARGH !!! ..... INTEL designers and programmers wanted (as food)

    Offlined for almost a week. Just finished to recover my system from a crash ..... no, from a serie of crashes ..... First, my PC start to act crazy with the disk, and no more system disk detected ..... thoughd it was the main disk, so, dropping some saints, substituted and reformatted all...
  4. HIMNL9

    Laser Crosswords :p :D

    I don't know if this site was posted before, i found nothing related with search, so i decided to post it ..... just for the fun, or use it as self-test, as you prefer :p :D Laser Focus World Crossword Puzzle
  5. HIMNL9

    Quick review of "30mW" DinoDirect green laser

    This is a quick-and-dirt review of "30mW" DinoDirect green laser, (A08780000B). First, it arrived in a "recycled" envelope (means, the envelope was re-used and closed with metallic points (not so much professional, imho). Second, the item arrived is NOT the item depicted in the site (different...
  6. HIMNL9

    Selling one of my LPMs (personal build)

    Hi, i'm starting to put a bit of order in my laser items (just realized that i have waaaay too much laser related items around :p), so i'm placing something for sale, time by time (just need to check well anything, before, cause i don't want to sell non-working items). I have some LPMs, around...
  7. HIMNL9

    FS - Searching a home for a pair of Lasos 7890A argon heads

    Hi, dusting off some centimeters :p of dust from my shelf, i found back a box containing a pair of Ar-Ion heads, Lasos model 7890A. Those units have a sad story on their shoulders :p ..... they came from a set of 6 old Agfa D-LAB units, that was trashed almost 2 years ago from a big photo...
  8. HIMNL9

    A technical doubt - ND-YAG laser pumped with halogen ?

    Hi, i just stumbled on this ebay auction: Nd Yag Laser ~ CVI Model C92/C95 2 Watt 1064nm Class IV - eBay (item 320578545668 end time Sep-18-10 16:41:34 PDT) First i thoughd it was a normal ND-YAG cavity, but looking at the pics, the lamp holders i mean, it seem that it have an halogen lamp, in...
  9. HIMNL9

    little rant against bureaucracy (idiocracy)

    I just discovered this morning that our administration gave the management of the dumpster to a different company, and have changed our local rules for the dumpster. Before, being residents and already paying garbage taxes, anyone can go there and delivery garbage (and, if lucky, find something...
  10. HIMNL9

    SOLVED (hope :p) FF / noscript problem :p

    Just finished 2 days of backup right now (1,7 Tb on 2 different external disks), and going in "Format C:" mode (being more precise, format C:, D:, E:, F: and G:, and the last 4 are 500GB disks :p) ..... need to clean-up a year of mess from the work PC ..... Last time i had to do this, i...
  11. HIMNL9

    Some tests made on the A140

    Ok, here are some results from the tests i made on the A140, before mangl ..... er, "dismantle" it :p ..... First, tested it as "bare" projector, on request, and took some pics from it, compared with the old 1500 lumen of a friend ..... it's more luminous, but i really doubt that it reach the...
  12. HIMNL9

    UPDATED - A140 Here - last 3 diodes availables

    Hi all. I have in arrival an XJ-A140 (not the 130), that a client ordered and then retreated the order, and i want to see if someone is still interested in buying some of these diodes (i really don't know, anyway, if there's any difference between the 130 and the 140 ones). If there are enough...
  13. HIMNL9

    Strange very small laser diode

    I was dismantling some old broken dvd burners for laptops, yesterday, and in one of them, i found a very strange LD ..... Instead a common 3,6mm SmOC, there was a very small closed can red diode ..... it's 3mm dia (not 3,6) at the collar, the can is 1,8mm dia, the total lenght is 4,5mm, the...
  14. HIMNL9

    Don't betray your woman if you keep at your car (LOL)

    Don't know if already posted, i think not ..... the title say all :p :crackup:
  15. HIMNL9

    Review: 50mW 532nm focalprice cheap laser with some pics

    Hi, just arrived the cheap Focalprice laser that i had ordered a month ago, but trying it i found that it's not a good product, at least not my one, so decided to post here a review with some pics for show what i mean. Arrived in a common bubble envelope, containing a well smashed and crushed...
  16. HIMNL9

    Happy Easter !

    Happy Easter to all :D
  17. HIMNL9

    keychain gadget - IR laser revealer (Aixiz)

    Uhm, perhaps Aixiz took out another gadget ..... wondering if it's a wavelenght conversion substance, or a plate painted with indocyanine green, or cesium, or doped zinc sulfide crystals, or what other ..... :thinking: Infrared Laser Detector and Alignment Fob - eBay (item 360240153287 end time...
  18. HIMNL9

    ebay auction: 1200W CO2 starting bid at 0,99$ ???

    Photon Sources V1200 laser (1200W CO2 Laser) - eBay (item 220566305639 end time Mar-11-10 08:28:24 PST) Is this auction serious, in your opinion ? ? :thinking:
  19. HIMNL9

    Chile earthquake, 8.8 richter ?? ..... hell .....

    I've just heard about the Chile earthquake ..... hell, 8.8 ? ..... a damn high level, also if Richter scale is approximative ..... especially seeing the sysmograms that was recorded til here (i attached a pair of them, if someone want to see ..... two meters, SSG-V station (Matera) and STRA-EHE...
  20. HIMNL9

    Offlined from ISP (for their errors :p)

    Ah, well, i'm offlined from 4 february, cause a serie of errors from my ISP deleted my internet account. Just hope they finally decide to re-enable it, in these days (yes, still offlined, i'm typing on the fly from a friend home, damn :(). Just in case someone was preoccupied, not seeing me...