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    Wtf is this???

    WTF is this?? I saw something on my Cu module.. burnt it with a 7W and 2W laser for like.. 30 minutes.. next morning I went to pick it up to move it and I saw this on the bottom.. o.O
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    NUGM01T Diode Sell Better Individually or in a DTR 510 Adapter Heat Sink Mech Combo?

    I've got one more Nichia NUGM01T left.. I just finished putting together a black & silver Maraxus Iron Man w/ NUBM05T running on Lazeerer's V7 Mini 3.0A w/ 2x18350 (TangsFire 30A "1500mah" 750mah) and it looks nice and all but I'm used to the 6W-7W of power I usually get in these builds w/ the...