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    For anyone with a sense of humor...Rated R lol

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    Would you get on this?????

    OMG scary as hell But I think I wanna try it! JSOKHvc9Obw
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    testing delete this one

    hmm test c0ldshadow posting this
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    [m]: !Hello!

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    [m]: Lasers & Eyes

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    [m]: about dealextreme...

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    Gross Video

    Has anyone seen that 2 girls 1 cup video?
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    [m]: LucentOptics 120mw Laser. Anoyone got this?

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    [m]: Customs problem (WL packet)

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    White men CAN dance!!!

    At least that one can ;D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMU0qwhmJc0
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    Hey, Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the best digital cameras up to $150? I know 150 is not much but i need the best one possible for that price. Also, are there any brands i should avoid? My sis recommended SONY. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    How many lasers do you have?

    And what are they? Come on...make everyone else envy u LOL
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    Girls N Laser Pointers!!!

    What strength would you boys recommend for a girl who's getting her first laser? I shall call her...The Laser Virgin....That's me :D Any suggestions? PS: I want one that can do some damage BUT to others who provoke me ;)
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    In our effort to help our forums remain unbiased we suggest that all members DO NOT attack the companies BUT share their experiences with their products. Refrain from saying this company or that company sucks. If you are angry about something feel free to express it but PLEASE do not be...
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    Welcome to laserpointerforums.com! Thank you for joining! We want to know: What brought you to this forum? How did you hear of us?
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    Laser Hobby

    What do you use your laser pointer for the most? I guess mot people have fun burning stuff with their lasers :D
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    What do you like most about lasers?

    What is your ideal laser? ::)