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    **Maybe Another?** GB: LPC-815 Sleds $4.45 300mW Red Laser Diode

    Re: Official GB: LPC-815 Sleds $4.45 300mW Red Laser Diode Inside! I'll take ten for sure. Thanks Chuck
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    Dual PHR hookup to FlexMod help needed

    I probably should..I posted this on PL but didn't get any response with regards to the PHR's... I think he's a busy guy...I sent a msg to him awhile back (different subject) but never got any answer. Maybe someone here will see this later on.... Thanks anyway:) Chuck
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    Dual PHR hookup to FlexMod help needed

    I know there are a few of LPF members that have successfully hooked up two Phr's to Flexmod. I'm hoping that they are willing to share their setup with me. Dr Lave posted his recommendations on PL in reference to 3 volt reds but i was unable to find anything with regards to the PHR's. What I...
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    Blu Ray Beam

    Here is where I bought mine. Scroll to the bottom. COMPONENTS I bought a 405 and a red. They will eventually be incorporated into a scanner that I'm working on.
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    What an awesome scam!!

    Be sure to read the fine print:):) If you have not cancelled the free bonus within the 7 day trial period (if offered on product purchasing), you are agreeing to purchase the bonus material and/or service at a monthly reoccurring cost. The resource center is billed at $81.32 monthly.
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    Where are my volts going? trouble with Dorcy Jr. host

    I remove the whole assy. and use a enclosed module that makes contact with the positive end of the battery. I remove them by placing a round wooden dowel into the battery compartment and using it as a punch, I then "punch out" the driver and pill holder. If i remember, I had used a small drill...
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    Where are my volts going? trouble with Dorcy Jr. host

    The piece that is pressed into the positive end of the barrel has a circuit board beneath it. That is the original driver for the LED. Did you modify it.
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    length of o-like module?

    The 150 measures 1.516 inches, .471 diameter. The 30mW measures 1.396. Those two are all i have at the moment. Chuck
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    Laser printer parts....

    I removed the hex mirror from it's mount and mounted it on a different spindle that I turned on the lathe. It gave me 5 lines on the wall no matter how i pointed the laser at it so I shelfed it.
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    Dorcy Jr Flashlight (41-4262)

    This is where i buy mine. https://www.brightguy.com/products/Dorcy_Super_1_Watt_LED.php The price from darkhorse is a good price if you need a heatsink.
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    Custom Host for O-Like Module

    Thats a nice host, if you get some more made put me down for wanting a couple. I'll keep tabs on this thread but if you can send me a PM when more are available. I don't need a polished unit, I have everything to shine it up. Thanks Chuck
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    A different kind of spiro...

    Man thats insane.......I love it, it has a artistic static flair to it. You really need to squeeze your RGV beam in there. As always, inspiring. Chuck
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    shipping from "o-like"

    Hey thats the exact same thing I ordered Friday morning, I wonder if she got my order mixed up with yours.:undecided::crackup:
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    Lucid Dreaming

    Wow, I thought everyone did it. I control and manipulate my dreams all the time. The course of events are usually random and i just ride with it without any regards to consequence's. I know if a situation is not going the way I want it to I change it. I can bring people into my dreams and make...
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    Low Jets

    Thats a KC-135, you can see the boom in the first pic. I used to work on them at Castle AFB in CA.
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    Little Help Needed With Host

    Fabricating your own heat sink is pretty simple if your knowledgeable with measuring tools and know your way around a lathe. I make mine out of 6061 aluminum and a few special ones I used 7075. I have also made them from brass and copper. For tooling any HSS cutter is best for soft materials...
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    Need help with photo resizing

    http://www.irfanview.com/ This will work. If you use a online host you can resize and edit from within there site. http://photobucket.com/
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    Laser Driver Help!!

    There are numerous places that you can purchase the sleds from. Check the B/S/T section and then check with the seller to see if they are willing to ship to your location. I think most are. Be sure to check the rep of the seller before you buy. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. PM...
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    Laser Driver Help!!

    Usually the aixiz module is placed inside a heatsink and then that is placed inside a host. You might want to consider a Heatsink of some sort to help dissipate any heat build up. If your drive is set at 100mA then there will only be a small amount and a sink may not be needed if you keep the...
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    Laser Driver Help!!

    Thats correct. The current from the drive will be constant. The voltage into the drive can vary and will change as the battery drains. What type of host are you going to use?