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  1. LaserMicroscope

    I’m a Virologist - AMA

    I can’t promise answers to every question to everyone’s satisfaction (because some things we don’t know yet) but if for some reason you have a virology related question, please feel free to ask. Cheers
  2. LaserMicroscope

    A question about optics

    Hey all, hope everyone is healthy and safe right now. Folks, I have found my way into the bourbon reserves after a long lab day so I have a question that I'd like to farm out to you all - it has to do with optics and beam combination. I'm a molecular virologist and not a physicist, so I'm out...
  3. LaserMicroscope

    My Eyes Deceived Me

    Well all, I've got to come clean - I was wrong about the wavelength of one of my lasers. Although I work with 488nm light all the time, I suppose my eyes aren't all I thought they were, as I just measured the wavelength of my "488nm" laser, and it's outputting at 495nm. Don't get me wrong...
  4. LaserMicroscope

    What to do next?

    Hey all, just wanted to get some feedback from you fine folks about what I should add to my collection next, after these difficult times pass. I currently have 2 445-455 lasers in the 1.6-2.7w range, so in that bracket I’m pretty good. I’m sort of debating between three options: DIY a 7W blue...