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    dye laser pump

    Has anyone tried using their blu-ray to pump a dye laser (rhodamine 6g, etc.)?
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    I'll share my red build

    Here is my build and circuit schematic. Some may object to the form of the laser. I used two pill boxes to create the case. I'm using 4 AAA batteries for power in the handle, and the current regulator is in the body. The circuit ramps the current linearly to its final value in just over...
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    Has anyone tried this

    Has anyone tried modulating the laser at 120Hz, for example, so that when you burn something a humming sound is produced. This hum would be similar to powering a CO2 laser with AC from a neon transformer.
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    DX200 circuit info

    I just got one before the price drop. I took it apart and traced some of the power circuitry. The circuit is basically a op amp / PNP transistor current regulator. The attached circuit shows the power stage. The 6.2 ohm resistor and 220uF capacitor slow down the batteries' dV/dt when the...
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    Could we get a long die open can group purchase

    Does anyone have any contacts to start a group buy for long die open can 660 nm laser diodes? I know you can extract them from the 20x sony dvd burners, but I'm looking for a lazy way to get some.
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    My mistake - some advice

    I just removed a 20x LD from a sony DVD burner. Easy as pie to remove. I installed it in a housing and soldered some wires to the terminals. As was well - it was burning nice. The voltage drop was a little higher than posted here for the 112D LD. I wiggled the LD module and the anode wire...
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    open can LD double side cooling?

    If you look at the thermal structure of the LD chip, it only gets cooled from one side. Is there something (electrically insulating, thermally conductive epoxy??) that can be placed on the top of the LD chip to help get heat out from the top side. It seems like any thermal parallel path would...
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    possible poll?

    Should we get poll together to see how everyone is running the Senkat GB LD? Perhaps have a poll on the operating current, extra heatsink Y or N, any failures, etc.
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    a couple laser questions

    I put together the GB laser (thanks Greg for the GB) and everything works fine. What type of eye protection is everyone wearing? The output power (not sure about the power density) is not greater than using a magnifying glass to focus the sun on a target. What are the cool things to burn...
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    Dorcy boost circuit questions

    Does anyone know if the boost circuit in the Dorcy flashlights is adjustable (i.e., via feedback resistor, etc) to regulate current at different levels?