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    Thermal Camera with IR illuminator

    You will not see 850nm or 940nm light on a thermal camera.
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    360 degree dot pattern projector - Help?

    I am trying to cover an entire room with IR points from a central projector, something along the lines of this: This is for a computer vision project I am working on, using realtime feature tracking to figure out the orientation and position of a camera. Using natural features is lighting...
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    1,900mW 445nm Blue Laser F/S -SOLD

    Re: 1,900mW 445nm Blue Laser F/S Is this still available? I am interested.
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    Testing the Microvision SHOWWX and AXAA L1 Laser Pico Projectors

    No, they are not 5.6mm, sadly. They look a little smaller, 3.5mm perhaps? I am not familiar with more exotic diode sizes, I will use the digital caliper from my work tomorrow to check for sure.
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    Testing the Microvision SHOWWX and AXAA L1 Laser Pico Projectors

    I am going to have to take photos tomorrow, no good lighting right now. I had it working for a while being driven off the ShowWX board, only had to remove a single mirror from the optical assembly to let the combined beam get out! The problems started when I decided to try and run the diodes...
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    Harvesting the ShowWX? Contains: 635 + 445 (single mode?) + 532 (directly doubled)

    I am making an RGB laser using one, going to post pics pretty soon. http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/testing-microvision-showwx-axaa-l1-laser-pico-projectors-51970-3.html#post907796
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    Testing the Microvision SHOWWX and AXAA L1 Laser Pico Projectors

    I own a ShowWX, but I have to use it one more time on May 31st. After that, I will tear it down. :) EDIT: Never mind, doing it now. :P EDIT2: Well, there is a single large FFC that terminates into three plugs. One plug powers the red and blue, one powers the green, and the other powers the...
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    For sale: 200 Watt RGB Laser

    Green lasers gear up for display markets "The Mitsubishi engineers pumped the tiny Nd:YVO4 laser with a linear laser-diode array (a bar) with 15 individual ~100 µm-wide emitters separated by ~200 µm. This pumping geometry created 15 different lasing channels in the Nd:YVO4 and LiNbO3...
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    For sale: 200 Watt RGB Laser

    Why do you doubt it has any powerful lasers? I mean, the light engine is entirely laser based, including the green... And I really doubt it is the lasers. I mean, what happened, all three lasers died at the exact same time? Even if that were true, it would not power on, then power off. I am...
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    For sale: 200 Watt RGB Laser

    Yeah, the shipping is killer. I can actually pick it up if I need to, I live half in Colorado, half in California, it would be a 4 hour drive there and back for me. The fact that the power cord is frayed makes me hope it is just a fuse issue. TVs with the "turn on for second, then back off"...
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    For sale: 200 Watt RGB Laser

    True, but they are required to disclose which parts are missing. It is missing the remote, and the description does not mention any actual missing internal parts. If you look at the seller's other auctions, they appear to just be a reseller. I very much doubt that he has the technical...
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    For sale: 200 Watt RGB Laser

    Not mine, actually, but I found it on eBay, and would love for someone with the skills to use it to buy it and document the internals. Mitsubishi LaserVue L65-A90 65-inch -Non-Functional | eBay I know, I know, probably not a 200 watt laser in there, the total power consumption of the TV is 200...
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    YObresal 545 custom Should be in tom!!

    Not to be mean, but it seems like people like this are the last ones that should be getting their hands on high powered lasers. :P
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    I just bought a Sennheiser HD650

    Oh, I don't doubt you heard a difference. What I was saying, is that the insides of those headphones have a sheet of foam behind the drivers. There is a lot less foam on the 595 than the 555... And that is pretty much the only difference between the two. :cryyy: I have an HD280, and HD 555...
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    I just bought a Sennheiser HD650

    The big difference is really a joke, sadly, between the 555 and 595 anyways. They use the same drivers and enclosure, the only difference between the two is the sound dampening foam! You can modify a 555 into the 595 with literally less than a half hour of time, even on the first try. It seems...
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    Late intro, but better late than never!

    I signed up here a while ago, but have mostly been a lurker. College has started back up, though, which means it is time to procrastinate! Should be posting more. :) A little about me: I am the owner of the second largest game console modification forum on the internet, ModRetro...
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    Help choosing a monitor

    Any chance you might give a 3D monitor a shot? I love my IZ3D 22" monitor, works as a good 2D monitor for general use, too. Zalman makes a 22" 3D monitor that is pretty nice, too! Neither of them use those crazy expensive, bulky shutter glasses, just lightweight polarized glasses like you get...
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    I just bought a Sennheiser HD650

    I am a huge audiophile! I should post pictures of my newest headphones, they are custom. The Senn 650s are nice! A set of cheaper 555s or 595s can be modded to within a few percentage points of the 650s, but if the cost seems worth it, more power to ya! Planning on messing around with them...
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    100mW PHR CORE Laser FS

    I have a 3 year old computer, I have completely replaced the CPU, Hard Drive, and Graphics card multiple times. I spent over $900 on it, so I want $850 for it. If I sell it for that price, I am still losing a lot. Things are only worth what people are willing to pay, if they will not pay the...
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    Sleds For Sale!  most are $12

    Ah, I see. Would you take an offer of $55 shipped for 3 PHR diodes, and 2 LRC diodes? These need to be removed from the sled myself, yes?