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    Obamas "The Beast" Given A £10 Fine

    Hi fellow laserists, Not posted for ages but had to bring this to your attention...(something different from lasers) I lol'd at this news report regarding President Obamas Limo "The Beast" during the recent visit to the UK.....it got a parking ticket LOL BBC News - Barack Obama's 'The Beast'...
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    REQUEST: Spectrograph Needed For Barr & Stroud Goggles!!

    Fellow Laserists, Can anyone that is lucky to have a Spectrometer and a set of Barr & Stroud General Purpose Laser goggles, produce a graph showing the exact spectrum and OD of these goggles? I purchased an Arctic and these goggles seem HIGHLY effective at virtually blocking the blue 445nm...
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    Review of the Wicked Lasers Arctic G2

    Excellent review LED. Not only is it comprehensive and eductional, you also have a fun approach and style to your reviews which in my opinion is a joy to read. I just received my Arctic also and so far no problems.
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    URL Naming!

    LoL Things......Hey Ethator, thanks for that, your dollar bill is in the post. ;) ps...can you sit my exams for me too :D
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    Amazing pool shots

    Amazing shots.....taught him everything he knows lol ;D Not a bad player myself when Im playing well....can clear up from the break most times 15 ball and not bad at 9 ball too since we play billiards & snooker over here in UK so my position play is very good when shooting pool ;) Not had my...
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    Catastrophic failure of a pump Capacitor

    GOSH :o To have caught that thing bang on video :D
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    Ask Santa LOL!!!

    Anyone had enough of Santa this year.....did he not bring you the present you wanted >:( Take revenge and throw him as far as you can lol ;D I did and scored 316 meters. http://www.break.com/games/slingshot-santa.html (This is addictive) :D
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    marry xmas lpf

    :)Merry Christmas from me too :)
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    A Scene From the Life of LaserNerd - Part 1

    :o ;D LOL pseudo, you need your own nuclear reactor by the looks of it. ;D
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    LoL....I forgot to metion that but his website has lots of links etc to various resources. ;)
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    Hey Spyro, Maybe this guy can help or you might find the answer on his website...Click the pic... He happens to be the inventor of C++.... 8-) NairB
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    @spyorocks...I am nowhere ready to answer this spyorocks as I have only just started reading functions. :-/ I found this regarding how to convert from a string to char* array from a user textbox http://www.thescripts.com/forum/thread137848.html Im not sure if that is what you might need but...
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    GLAD to be back....

    Yeh welcome back acro :)
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    got my CCNA

    Well done c0ld....are you planning to get a job in IT now utilising your CCNA??
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    What's wrong spyorocks? As King K says Im learning C++ and it looks like psuedo enjoys writing output statements....show off lol ;D Incidently, has anyone bought or read Deitel's new C++ book?.....(it also covers game programming with the OGRE graphics library) :D...
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    This is pretty awesome, for car lovers and PC geek

    Re: This is pretty awesome, for car lovers and PC That was excellent Morepower.....I want to hear it do Scotland the brave or Flower of Scotland though lol :D
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    Best Book Ever!

    LOL King K ;D ;D ;D.....That deserves a prize. @Rhith...I've never seen the Wizrd Workbench books before. How are the chapters laid out. Is it like a step by step tutorial inside?
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    See & Hear LIVE Fireworks Display IS NOW OVER

    Yes it is fireworks night here in the U.K. also known as guy fawkes night. Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of parliment (westminister, big ben etc in London) way back in 1605AD. Lol so why do we celebrate that.......blowing the government up thats why lol  ;D Here you can read more...
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    See & Hear LIVE Fireworks Display IS NOW OVER

    Re: See & Hear LIVE Fireworks Display NOW on Webca Ohh damn orr.....you just missed it. It started at 7:30 and lasted 20 minutes :-/ Sorry you missed it....you can still see the smoke from it
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    See & Hear LIVE Fireworks Display IS NOW OVER

    :o Folks, I have my webcam overlooking the fireworks display that is going to start soon 7:30pm......15 minutes. Click the link to open the webcam... Enjoy, NairB  :D