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  1. ApexProxy

    My First Argon

    So after getting an HeNe for the first time I decided that I wanted to give Argons a try. I am very glad I did that is for sure. Dave is such a great guy he even delivered the laser to my house himself and that is much appreciated. The laser and power supply are freaking giant. I was totally not...
  2. ApexProxy

    My first HeNe :D

    I finally got one of Dave's(daguin) 543nm HeNe lasers and it arrived today. It's my first HeNe and I have to say I am HOOKED on gas lasers. It is unfortunate that it set me back $111 for a ~2mW laser but its totally worth it now that it is on my desk. I have had it turned on way too long today...
  3. ApexProxy

    NEW 1.5-2.5W 445nm Blue/Black Ice/Flash Freeze Lasers FREE US Shipping

    New 1.5-2.5W 445nm Back Ice/Blue Ice/Flash Freeze Lasers To start off, here are some pictures of the lasers. All the lasers are built the same and function the same. The only variances are output power and the color of the host. I sell Black Ice(black host), Flash Freeze(red host) and Blue...
  4. ApexProxy

    Looking for help with an IR build

    I am wanting to make an IR laser and so far I am not finding many places to get IR diodes. I would like it to be in a standard TO-18 package and not C-mount unless someone knows a good way to mount them in a standard C6 heatsink. I am hoping for an output in the hundreds of milliwatts and a...
  5. ApexProxy

    Tutorial: Pressing a Diode

    I personally didn't find it particularly easy to find specific information in one place for using a diode press by Flaminpyro or any similar Aixiz spec press so I decided to make a little tutorial. Here are a couple suppliers of such a press: Flaminpyro Survival Laser Clif First off, here is a...
  6. ApexProxy

    Attempting my first red build

    Well, I started off with a ML520G71 Mitsubishi 635nm 300mW and I am now morning its death. An autopsy by Dr.DTR shows that it likely died due to a power spike when I turned on my PSU.... ok, so not an autopsy but that's what he thinks happened. First off I was a noobstick and completely missed...
  7. ApexProxy

    Bench PSU to charge batteries?

    Does anyone have any experience using a bench PSU to charge their batteries? I am looking for a way to charge them using my PSU but I don't know exactly how I should hook up the batteries and if I will need additional components. I would like to use two charging speeds, one at 250mA(slow) and...
  8. ApexProxy

    Cooling a 2W

    Any suggestions on a thermal epoxy for use with drivers? My plan is to stick a small heatsink on the driver and then fill the area around it in the host/pill with thermal epoxy to make a solid connection. Or, is there a better way to do it? Also, what about putting Arctic Silver 5 between the...