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  1. LaserMicroscope

    Laser Recommendations for Large Format CNC Fabric Cutter (that's not CO2)

    True, the main confounding factor I can see with the FAP unit is that unless there's a community out there like ours but for CNC laser fiber heads, it might be a complicated DIY project. I've seen a few pictures of people with that sort of setup, but the laser head portion that the fiber fed...
  2. LaserMicroscope

    New to lpf, looking to make a hologram

    Hey Yoyoukedude, I won't write out a whole thing (yet) in part because the resources Cyparagon linked are definitely WAY better than what I could write, but just out of curiosity, how much experience do you have with the physics of holography? Is this something where you know the principles and...
  3. LaserMicroscope

    Laser Recommendations for Large Format CNC Fabric Cutter (that's not CO2)

    It appears we were on similar devices, I typed most of my reply from my phone, which actually likely made my answer worse since I didn't dig too much into the research about the modules you mentioned, and incorrectly assumed they were the typical sort of laser engraver single-diode setups most...
  4. LaserMicroscope

    Laser Recommendations for Large Format CNC Fabric Cutter (that's not CO2)

    Hey keep-it-real, A key thing to understand about how laser cutting works is that it's not quite a knife (even though commercial laser cutters make it look that way!), it's the use of light to get part of the material so hot that it burns, melts or vaporizes. So when you're thinking about...
  5. LaserMicroscope

    WTB 4W 450nm or 2W 520nm

    Hey bassay, I'm hesitant to jump in here, but I think I'll be a bit gentler than others might - this question isn't going to attract a lot of positive attention. First and foremost, it's not really clear what you're asking here. Are you asking which of those we like better? Are you trying to...
  6. LaserMicroscope

    Hello! Complete Newbie to lasers, would like advice on where to start in terms of first building from scratch

    Quick addendum inspired by sgtbilkodle's post - DreamBeam's reply makes a good point: please put the first ~50 dollars you invest in this hobby into a pair of decent safety goggles. Survival laser is a good resource for this. Please please please no eBay laser goggles. I often wonder what...
  7. LaserMicroscope

    Need help finding/designing a constant current driver for PLT3 520D by OSRAM

    Hi Solidstatefella, This sounds like a cool project, though what you need the driver to do is a bit...complicated from a "DIY driver" perspective! I'm not sure how much experience you have with electronics, but if you have a lot of experience, I'd recommend designing a PCB and having it...
  8. LaserMicroscope

    Driver Specifications Compendium

    Hey djidai, I see this post is from a while ago, so I'm not sure if you already solved your issue or are still looking for help, if you still have questions I can try to help! I've been thinking about making a new post to share basics of driver design and demystifying some things, but I want...
  9. LaserMicroscope

    Hello! Complete Newbie to lasers, would like advice on where to start in terms of first building from scratch

    Hi Sigas, welcome to LPF! It's great that you want to get into lasers and laser building, it's a really fun hobby and there are opportunities to learn a lot. I agree completely with Dud445, if Styropyro's videos got you excited about the laser hobby that's a great thing, but his projects...
  10. LaserMicroscope

    I’m a Virologist - AMA

    Because coronaviruses are ssRNA viruses, the typical mechanism for nucleic acid damage via UV light (thiamine dimers) doesn't happen here. The typical wavelength for germicidal UV is (I believe) 253.7nm. For coronavirus, I would reccomend a dose of 12mJ/cm^2. Coronaviruses have both a lipid...
  11. LaserMicroscope

    I’m a Virologist - AMA

    I can’t promise answers to every question to everyone’s satisfaction (because some things we don’t know yet) but if for some reason you have a virology related question, please feel free to ask. Cheers
  12. LaserMicroscope

    A question about optics

    Physics is a harsh mistress - I think I misspoke in the post (and definitely could have drawn the diagram better since it resembles a ray diagram which isn't exactly what I was going for) - I know about the unfortunate physics of beam diameter/divergence, I was more looking at a way to bring...
  13. LaserMicroscope

    A question about optics

    Hey all, hope everyone is healthy and safe right now. Folks, I have found my way into the bourbon reserves after a long lab day so I have a question that I'd like to farm out to you all - it has to do with optics and beam combination. I'm a molecular virologist and not a physicist, so I'm out...
  14. LaserMicroscope

    Safety goggles for diy CNC laser

    Don't mean to put words in his mouth, but I've seen these listings too and they all look like disreputable branding a module containing a NUBM44-V2 (or an even weaker diode) - the ones I've seen have been the CNC head equivalent of the "worlds most brightest 10,000 MILIWAATTS laser POWER laser...
  15. LaserMicroscope

    Anyone familiar with these "picosecond laser pens" ?

    I don't mess with those lasers for one simple reason: capacitors. I HATE working with capacitors, and I could never trust high powered caps in a cheaply made product.
  16. LaserMicroscope

    My Eyes Deceived Me

    Oh that's good to hear - the project is back on track then!
  17. LaserMicroscope


    both technically possible. Current tests measure viral genetic material in body fluids and those can persist - I haven’t read too much of the day to day clinical stuff (though I should, I have researcher access to some trial results) but here’s what I know: definitive reinfection requires 3...
  18. LaserMicroscope

    Can someone explain how beam divergence works?

    Though I did get the reaction image first. Small victories. ;) cheers
  19. LaserMicroscope

    Can someone explain how beam divergence works?

    Gaahhhhh darn it Cyparagon, you had to go and link to the VERY document I was going to reference while writing out an over-long explanation. I really need to get better at beating you to posts when I’ve had a bourbon and I’m feeling wordy.
  20. LaserMicroscope


    Oh trust me we’re trying. And trying and trying and trying. My lab is trying to pick up some coronavirus work so we can get back in and start helping at the moment, but for now they’re parading us into faculty/community conference calls as virus experts to answer questions, which to some extent...