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  1. kimyogoo

    Realtime Interactive Laser show!

    Hey, ya guys have seen this? its pretty cool.. controlled by the motion of hand by a laser to move lasers lol this time, its a 4W RGB laser at 90 kpps finger tracking, ilda, etherdream dac, leapmotion, openframeworks, ofxEtherdream, ofxIlda, ofxLeapMotion and a DJI Fantom thrown in for good...
  2. kimyogoo

    Hello From Indonesia!

    Hey Peoples of LPF! I'm maybe new here, but actually i've watched this forum as a silent reader for some time. Well, as you can see that LPF aren't that "closed" forum like others. Where you need to register yourself in order to see threads and things.. I'd like ya guys to know me a bit, yes...