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    My futur laser show RGB

    Hi everybody I need advice to build my self a analog RGB laser show, i'v got a 1W 445nm 9mm in module 3 element lens, I plan to use: - 1 laser diode 638nm 500mw ML501P73 Mitsubishi module 3 element lens - 1 laser diode 520nm PLP520-B1 Osram module 3 element lens - A 20K or 30K laser scanner...
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    Hi all i paid 1x LD 445nm AJ-140 the 16th September from Pontiacg5 and nothing come, i sent him more emails he requested the google checkout i gave him and no reply nothing, wth doing???!!!!!
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    1W 445nm Rayfoss

    Hi All I receveid today 1W 445nm from Rayfoss here some pics
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    O-like module 445nm

    what do you think about this 405nm/445nm laser module housing w/glasses lens [OL1845-BL] - $12.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products there are 2 lenses
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    445nm Firefly

    Hi all i build blue laser but the dot is a big rectangular not like a true ray http://cjoint.com/?hzolV63Wth the module with glass lens G1 445nm 405nm Laser Module Housing- no lens 10.5 mm dia. - eBay (item 380252966243 end time Jul-28-10 23:46:36 PDT) Help me!!!
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    Br 12x pioneer diode

    Hi all Someone can help me where is the LD BR on sled please?i make violet circle to find it. thanks to Daguin for the pic
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    Hi all I would like to know what do you think about this? It is a good deal and have true 400mW? what the power of the diode laser is? Someone opened and mod this laser or equivalent? www.rayfoss.com
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    Need help

    I do it this scheme from a driver, i seen in the web the D882 sot69 have Ic 3A that suppose can do deliver max 3A to drive a LD if yes what can i do to have close 3A?
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    Flexdrive V5

    Hi everybody I would like to know please if is it possible to - have more >1.5A output? because i want to drive a 2W LD - how i can have 2.2V max output for the 2W LD - i want use only 2 batteries 1.2V Nimh 2500mAh each Sorry for my bad grammatical.