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  1. cbrian4

    Zen Magnets

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to do this but I have 3 extra sets of Zen magnets that I am looking to sell. If you don't know what these are just watch this YouTube - Never Let Go of Childhood Wonder. These are the "Retail Sets" which come with a wooden box, velvet carry pouch, a...
  2. cbrian4

    DPSS Violet?

    This may be a stupid question but I see that almost all green lasers start with an 808nm pump diode and then passes the light through a Nd:YVO4 crystal to convert it to 1064nm and then passes through a frequency doubler to reach 532nm. And all of this done up to a maximum of around 30%...
  3. cbrian4

    Custom 445 Polished Brass ~ Schweet!!!

    Alright so I have been away for quite a while and decided to check back recently and found out about these super powerful blue diodes. And since I have always wanted a blue laser, I couldn't resist doing another build. However, I wanted something unique and different that was also portable. I...
  4. cbrian4

    Looking for a good switch

    Hey guys, been out of the loop for a while and am building a custom laser and am in need of a clicky switch that is <16mm in diameter that is capable of handling a 1.5A current. Please do not suggest this: $1.94 - Clicky Switch for Flashlights (16mm 5-Pack) - Flashlight Parts and Tools This...
  5. cbrian4

    FS X125 136mW average! + accessories

    I am selling a nova lasers x125 that has an average power of 136.4mW and a peak of 158.7mW. The laser includes the case as well as the laser lens holder, meniscus lense, time tunnel diffraction grating, mega matrix diffraction grating and 4 e^2 lithium batteries. I have the official spec sheet...
  6. cbrian4

    Laser spioragraph, what gives?

    I don't understand what i've done wrong. I have three identical mirrors attached to three identical motors with the same three 25ohm pots and each on a separate circuit with their own 3.7v lithium. I have individual control of each motor but i can't get ANY cool patterns. I don't understand, the...
  7. cbrian4

    Big problem

    Umm well i finished my blu ray and it works, burns stuff and quite bright. But i can't get it to focus into a beam. I have the lens in as far as it can go and it still diverges a lot. Help please :-/
  8. cbrian4

    PHR-803T Other diode

    I have extracted this completely and i believe that this is an infrared diode but im unsure. It has four pins on it and I did some tests on it with a digital multimeter and the only time the meter responded was when i had the probes on the ground pin and the top pin, see picture. I did not see...
  9. cbrian4

    Another wicked moron

    Just thought i'd show you how good wicked is at planting lies in peoples brains My comment:Yeah and wicked still brags about the guinness for worlds most powerful laser when laserglows hercules portable has more than tripled the power as of 3 years ago. But has wicked admitted this? NO! So what...
  10. cbrian4

    Spartan red from DL Lol a joke!

    Well they finally released a red version of their spartan. $1000 for 150mW unfocusable 671nm red. That is a disaster. ;D ;D ;D Shouldn't event be 1/4 of that! what gives DL?!
  11. cbrian4

    SLD1239JL-54 data sheet

    Well i placed my order with Stonetek and i forgot to download the data sheet for these diodes so does anyone know where i can get these data sheets?
  12. cbrian4

    Did i ruin my driver?

    I was trying to check the current on my dorcy junior flashlight, and i had heard that it needed to be under load so i took off the head piece of the flashlight and held the led assembly down in order for it to make contact see pic . I turned it on and set my multimeter to 10 amps max and put the...
  13. cbrian4

    Divergance problem

    Well i received my rma'd x125 laser about a week ago and i am able to pop balloons up to 17 feet away but when i tried matches, i can't light them from more than a foot and a half away. This struck me as abnormal considering that most x100's can light matches from about 3 feet and my laser is an...
  14. cbrian4

    spartan rp

    Well looks like DL is finally stocking a red laser in the spartan shell, with powers up to 300mW and a beam diameter <2mm I know some of you aren't fond of dragon lasers but heres the link. http://www.dragonlasers.com/catalog/Spartan-RP-price0-p-1-c-275.html
  15. cbrian4

    Got my x125 back!

    Well after what seemed like an eternity i got my laser back! old specs: 133.5mW average 150.5 peak New specs 136.9mW average 158.7 peak The laser works perfectly, no dimming and no mode hopping, awesome! ;D Here is a video of it lighting a match: There was a bit of smoke present in this...
  16. cbrian4

    Battery Spacer?

    I just ordered this: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1236 and i might end up needing to charge cr2 batteries in it and i was wondering what i could use as a battery spacer in order to charge these batteries. would bending a paper clip work?
  17. cbrian4

    canada shipping

    Well i shipped my laser back to Canada via usps first class international 12 days ago, and it still has not arrived to nova. Im getting worried too, because i've been reading about a lot of people who have had problems shipping to Canada. Has anyone on here ever had a problem shipping to canada...
  18. cbrian4

    Nova RMA

    Well im returning my x125 for repair and they gave me an authorization number. They said: "Please return the product within 7 days after the RA number is issued otherwise your RA# will become invalid and you will have to contact us to receive a new RA#." Does this mean they have to receive it by...
  19. cbrian4

    Nova is awesome!

    I know this has been said before but they really are a superior company! I ordered their x125 and my total came to around $330 well 4 days later they dropped their price to $300 so i emailed them about getting $30 store credit and to my surprise, they gave me a whopping $50!!! Thank you very...
  20. cbrian4

    Nova Lense holder or maga matrix?

    Well i've got some lightyears points to spend and i can't decide between their lense holder that comes with a collimating lense and line generating lense or the mega matrix diffraction grading that snaps on. What do you guys think? Thanks! :)